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SAP Rights and Royalty Management

Your intellectual property assets: Managed. Monetized. Maximized.


We’re Extending SAP Capabilities Across Vistex-Enabled Processes

Are you earning every dollar possible from exploiting available intellectual property rights? For organizations that utilize SAP software, Vistex has a proven solution to leverage your investment for the most accurate royalty payables and receivables, because true numbers and transparency build trust and lasting business relationships.

Auditability, tracking and data management are vital functions for any organization tracking rights and their associated royalties and fees, processes that are vital in ensuring that obligations owed or due are administered accurately. Failure to properly manage royalties and fees can lead to erroneous payments, broken trust from partners, and negative impact on your bottom line.

SAP Rights and Royalties Management by Vistex, cloud edition accurately calculates royalties, participations, fees and rights by automating, validating, and facilitating the processes that can make the difference between effectively managing your rights and financial compliance and leaving opportunity on the table.

Inbound Royalties and Fees

Calculate and manage the fees and royalties due from your licensees, including accurately recognizing revenue.

Outbound Royalties and Fees

Calculate and manage the financial obligations to your licensors and content providers, including accurately recording relevant expenses.

Rights Management

Manage all inbound, outbound and owned Rights to see your entire rights position for content and talent and support rights compliance.

About the SAP Suite of Cloud Applications

This cloud-based innovation by Vistex addresses complex processes, specifically price, vendor, channel, and rights and royalty management. As a complete solution, Vistex implements, administers, and provides advisory services so you can realize the full benefit from the programs they run. The SAP Cloud Platform enables Vistex customers to leverage on-premise functionality into a native cloud environment.

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Centralized Intellectual Property Management Using a Single Solution

Brochure: SAP Industry Cloud - Rights and Royalty Management

Download the brochure, SAP Industry Cloud - Rights and Royalty Management and learn how you can manage content, clear rights, collect and distribute royalties and support the management of the entire end to end supply chain on SAP Industry Cloud.