Why Attend VISTAS

It’s time to Excel and Accelerate into our next Vistex Annual Summit. VISTAS 2021 will bring you action-packed insights and content from some of the best and brightest across industries. It is an incredible combination of customer and Vistex led presentations and panels.

Connect with an incredible community of experts and uncover tactical advice from industry-leading practitioners in the vast world of rebates, pricing, trade spend, royalties, and more.

The best reason why you should attend? VISTAS 2021 is 100% virtual and completely complimentary.

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VISTAS Key Takeaways

What you'll learn

There is something for everyone at VISTAS. Whether you are a leader in manufacturing, retail, entertainment, or distribution, these critical business topics have cross-industry impacts. Our goal at VISTAS is to arm you with current insights through thought-provoking strategy, best practices, and real success stories that you can take back to your workplace and put to immediate use.

Rebate Management


Price Management & Optimization

Price Management &

Rights & Royalties Management and Brand Licensing

Rights & Royalties Management
and Brand Licensing

Channel Incentive Management

Channel Incentive

Trade Promotion Management & Optimization

Trade Promotion Management &

Contract & Revenue Management

Contract & Revenue

Our 2021 Presenters

What our attendees are saying about VISTAS

A broad range of topics were covered by companies of all different backgrounds and ERP's.

Networking with the rest of colleagues form different businesses allows interacting about the benefits of Vistex platforms

We always love coming to VISTAS for the opportunities to attend sessions, expand our knowledge, and meet other Vistex customers

The mix of presentations from customers and Vistex employees was great.

The session topics were very informative and applicable to my daily job as well as depicting opportunities for enhancements.

I really enjoyed the sessions led by presenters within the industry discussing their implementations and business use cases. I was able to identify several tools or processes that I intend to explore further for our business needs.

I think the content I saw from the experts was exciting and gave me a lot of to talk about when I returned to the office.

The ability to ask questions and speak with people from different companies and from all over the world was interesting.

It was great getting to meet so many experts and hear about the challenges and wins that other customers have experienced.

Meet to the expert appointments cleared up so many questions and gave us the sense that we really mattered to the Vistex staff.

Who Attends

If you’re a first-time VISTAS attendee, you may wonder - who can I expect to meet? For the past 13 years, VISTAS has been host to thousands of cross-industry leaders and Vistex users.

Types of people you can collaborate with

The Business-Builder

The Business-Builder

The Money-Minder

The Money-Minder

The Tech-Titan

The Tech-Titan

The Attentive-Analyst

The Attentive-Analyst

The Program-Pro

The Program-Pro

Here’s a quick look at statistics from past VISTAS

Industries represented

Industries Represented

Level of Attendees

Attendee Profiles

Are you dealing with these technology frustrations?

We were using a homegrown system. … It was inaccurate. We didn’t trust it. We were worried about the calculations. It was inefficient. It was clumsy. It was bulky. It was awful.​

The pieces of software that (partner) provided just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to tracking in detail what it is that our trade promotion work actually is.

There are a lot of software vendors out there who are selling something that isn’t that great or isn’t that much of a differentiator.

There are other people … [who] say, Oh, you should be using transaction ABC. You go try ABC, but that doesn’t work. You go back to them. Oh, that’s now a new issue. You have to put in another ticket. Some software vendors are just very difficult to work with.

Vistex Sessions

A cornerstone of every VISTAS are the Vistex sessions that span all of the Vistex offerings. Throughout the conference you will be able to see the numbers with sessions on our latest features, see what works in each industry with sessions by our industry principals, and see what to do next with our analytics, data science and roadmap offerings.

Customer Sessions

Whether you’re interested in Rebate Management, Price Management, Channel Management, Claims Management, Rights and Royalties Management, or Trade Promotion Management, this is your chance to hear from an incredible cross section of Vistex customers as they tell the story of their Vistex journey and how they have partnered with Vistex to see the numbers, see what works and see what to do next.

Some of Our 2021 Presenters

Vistex Experts

Do you have a specific topic or area of Vistex functionality you need more information on? Could you use expert guidance on issues affecting your Vistex deployment? Would you like to see a demonstration of one of the many Vistex solutions?

Agenda at a Glance

Learn how Vistex can help you add it all up

You’re doing everything you can to spike sales, and your new program (pricing, trade, incentive, discount, etc.) promises to put you over the top. What you don’t know is that the numbers tell a different story. This quarter will look a lot like last quarter, and your new program will actually cost more than it brings in. But, you won’t have seen this coming since the business doesn’t wait for you to review spreadsheets and forecast for the future.

The worst part? Next quarter will be the same – unless you can find a better way to see the numbers, see what really works, and see what to do next. And that’s why there’s VISTAS. Now it all adds up.

VISTAS is only intended for current and future customers