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Vistex VitalLink is a flexible consulting service available to support our applications after they’ve gone live. The VitalLink team will act as an extension of your staff, helping to answer questions, implement best practices, and drive performance improvements. When you partner with Vistex, you gain access to an industry-expert team that can support your company 24/7.

Our Services Include:

  • Troubleshooting customer-specific issues
  • Quality fixes to issues experienced on custom programs
  • Proactive maintenance of existing configuration and code
  • Minor enhancements to support your business objectives
  • Guidance on functionality questions and processes

Why VitalLink?

Our industry-focused consultants can help:

  • Guide you through a smooth transition from implementation to day-to-day operations
  • Reduce risk by ensuring that updates to the system are following best practices
  • Ensure systems are maintained at optimal status
  • Maximize the value of Vistex solutions
  • Enhance user satisfaction by providing first-rate and timely resolution of issues

Choose the support model that is right for your business

Customer Enablement

Customer Enablement

  • Desire to support Vistex with their in-house team
  • Have resources that are just ramping up with SAP & Vistex
Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

  • Do not want to use in-house resources to support Vistex
  • Have outsourced SAP support and have need for specialized Vistex support
On-Demand Support

On-Demand Support

  • Have skilled in-house resources that are knowledgeable in Vistex and can provide user support
  • Desire ad-hoc support for high severity/complex issues and/or consulting guidance

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“We have been using Vital Link for many years and I have experienced and seen very good improvements with VL over the years.”

“We love working with the VitalLink team and they are always very knowledgeable and flexible to help us when needed.”

“Helpful, quick and responsive team if I have issues or question.”

“The consultants I have worked with at VitalLink have been amazing. We have a very complicated solution and I think they do a nice job.“

“The quality of the Vistex VitalLink support service is very high. Noteworthy are the availability of the consultants, their always professional attitude and the provision of appropriate solutions to the cases raised, with very satisfactory response times.”