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One of the most difficult IT challenges is achieving and maintaining high levels of system performance. And the three most common causes for poor performance are inappropriate technologies, deficient code and process bottlenecks.

We can help ensure you choose the right technologies for your environment and needs. And when you have performance problems, we can evaluate your technologies, environment, code and data structures, and determine the best path to improvement.

Enterprise Architecture

Choosing the wrong software partner and technology can be a costly mistake. The experienced Vistex Africa team provides objective enterprise architecture assessments, and assists companies in validating their technology selections and approaches. Depending on your needs, we either conduct workshops or undertake formal reviews, and then participate as technology specialists in the RFP process.

Code Reviews

At Vistex Africa, we write code that is performant, has catch-all error handling, is easy to understand and support, and is not an obstacle to SAP upgrades and patches. We review your custom code for avoidable SAP modifications, potential risks of database inconsistencies and conditions that lead to runtime errors. Plus, we look for opportunities for improvement.

Performance Optimization

No matter how much data you have and use, the team at Vistex Africa is ready to help you to resolve the pain points in your SAP implementation. We’ve been successful in environments where table size is measured in GBs and row count in millions. And we keep that in mind with each select, loop and read. We identify performance bottlenecks and bring program runtimes down to the physical limitations of CPU and disk.