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Is your business software working for you the way you want it to? If not, it’s time to call Vistex Africa, your in-region SAP specialists.

Developing and implementing business software solutions leaves a legacy for your business. And you want to make sure that legacy is a good one.

We have been specialising in SAP NetWeaver for a many years. We know how to make the system work best for you – and will work with you to build solutions that will bring the best return on investment.

Our SAP specialist consulting services include:

  • Finding the best business solutions for your specific needs.
  • Continuous improvement of your system to keep up with changes in your business.
  • Operational support to keep your business system healthy.

What is the difference between consulting and support? Support is reactive in nature. It means something has gone wrong. Having the right consultants – SAP specialists who know the system inside and out – means not allowing your business to get to that reactive state. With our consulting expertise, you know your business is being looked after from the start.