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As a
Wholesale Distributor, 40% of your profit comes from vendor recovery.  It’s not enough to simply manage pricing, you need a comprehensive strategy to run your SPA/Chargeback and rebate programs. Even a 1% improvement in these programs can result in an 11% increase in operating profit.

So how can you better manage inventory, pricing and margins while gaining control of all your rebate, claim and pricing programs to achieve your profitability goals and ensure optimal outcomes?  We can help.

Velocity by Vistex is a rapid deployment approach for Wholesale Distributors to see the numbers, see what works, and see what to do next so you can make sure you capture every dollar and maximize profit.

Designed to achieve value in 90 days or less, 
Velocity enables you to:

Gain a comprehensive view of the buy- and sell-side programs that drive incremental revenue and protect margins by automating complex business processes.

Accelerate go-to-market programs while simultaneously focusing on data-driven insights to increase growth and profitability.

Leverage the flexibility of the platform to refine programs based on changing market conditions.

Solution Details

Vistex's Go-to-Market Suite (GTMS) is a unified cloud solution to manage
and simplify all your complex incentive programs.

Solution Scope

Best Practice-based SPA (Chargeback), Rebate, and Price Management. Start with one, and smoothly ramp to all three as you wish!

Expected ROI

Clients see a 2 — 5% improvement in SPA leakage, and a 3 — 7% improvement in both supplier and customer rebate leakage.

Success Kit

Prepackaged templates make connecting into your ERP, CRM, and other systems easy.

Leverage Velocity by Vistex to ensure your 
programs are driving volume, revenue and profit


Automate chargeback calculations and protect margins. Reconcile all eligible claims, SPAs, ship and debit, deviated pricing and/or depletion allowances.

Price Management


Calculate and optimize list prices, customer prices, and discounts to quickly and efficiently manage multiple price points for a seamless flow of data to customers and orders no matter what channel. Give sales information and flexibility within guardrails to set correct prices.


Load supplier costs, determine cost change impacts, and provide alerts to help buyers control costs, maximize reimbursements, and evaluate supplier offers so that they can reduce the cost of goods for improved margins.


Customer Rebates

Reward customers across product categories to drive revenue and profits with a clear view of customer rebates. Measure its overall impact to gross margins and profit.

Vendor Rebates

Capture complex vendor rebate details with ease and view all relevant vendor rebate parameters and calculations in real time without system changes. Leverage rebate details to help make buying decisions to maximize supplier incentives.

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