SAP Data Maintenance Pricing + SAP Hybris

Add sophisticated on-order promotion and pricing capabilities

Today’s high-volume online businesses demand e-commerce solutions that not only enable them to operate in multiple channels, but also provide a seamless flow of price and promotional data – in real time – between back-end systems and the catalog.

When you combine SAP® Data Maintenance Pricing and the SAP Hybris® Commerce solution, the result is a cohesive, integrated omni-channel, B2C/B2B e-commerce suite that improves and accelerates complex processes, creates opportunities for innovative promotional activities and enables your partners to sell more effectively.

Enable advanced e-commerce scenarios with an integrated solution

Whether your business is B2C, B2B or both, SAP Data Maintenance Pricing and SAP hybris help you enhance your promotional and pricing flexibility, gain the ability to utilize complex promotional scenarios, and take an important step toward increasing your sales and revenue-per-order.

SAP® Data Maintenance Pricing and SAP Hybris® – a Powerful Combination

SAP Hybris and SAP Data Maintenance Pricing - a powerful combination

In addition, the combination provides the ability to perform promotion planning and profitability simulations, analyze true margin, calculate gross-to-net for individual products or product groups, and, ultimately, identify which strategies and promotions are most successful.

SAP Data Maintenance Pricing and SAP hybris enhance your promotional pricing capabilities, protect your margin, improve your customer engagement and, most important, help you increase sales.

Solution Benefits

More effective promotions with Vistex DMp and SAP Hybris

  • Create multifaceted promotional scenarios that increase volume, sales and revenue-per-order
  • Boost shopper engagement with real-time product pricing, updates and promotions
  • Increase sales by streamlining the creation, deployment and management of sophisticated time-based and limited-duration promotions
  • Extend promotions across channels (e.g. from store to the web) – and automatically update pricing based on eligibility, qualification, quantity and other criteria
  • Incent customers to buy complementary and companion products, and re-buy previously purchased items
  • Perform pricing and deal eligibility determination in real time as customers combine, add and remove products in the cart, or modify quantities in the cart
  • Use coupon codes to entice new customers and reward existing customers
  • Set min/max quantities for item-level discounts, offer special pricing for product groups, and apply discounts to qualifying purchases
  • Determine customer and product eligibility for promotions using variables such as location, group, individual customer level and order type
  • Display benefits associated with the purchase – promotions applied, missed promotions and benefits earned
  • Apply overall discount promotions (percentages or amounts), based on item content or total order value
  • Perform profitability planning and simulations, determine true margin, and calculate gross-to-net
  • Present available promotions to customers as they browse a catalog or place products in their cart