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Implementation Methodology

Designed for Vistex projects leveraging cross-industry best practices

Our implementation methodology offers a systematic and effective approach to integrating Vistex solutions into our customers’ environment. By leveraging years of project management experience, our methodology is designed with a balance of structure and flexibility, enabling us to provide efficient, result-oriented implementations tailored to your unique requirements.

Taking advantage of the right method and tools helps our customers realize their transformation objectives and achieve strategic goals. Our methodology provides the roadmap and accelerators needed to complete projects efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to the business. The Vistex Methodology is a proven, predictable, and flexible model for all of your implementation needs.

Initiate – Project Preparation and Planning


Define project scope and objectives

Implementation Approach

Define implementation and rollout approach
Define change and risk management strategies

Workshop Schedules

Prepare workshop schedule for Define Phase

Project Planning

Develop high level project plans that includes the activities, duration and estimated effort

Install Software

Confirm infrastructure and install Vistex software

Define – Requirements Gathering and Fit /Gap Analysis

Gather Requirements

Conduct requirements gathering workshops

Fit / Gap Analysis

Align software to requirements and perform fit / gap analysis

Define Development Scope

Identify custom report, interface, conversion, enhancement, form and /or workflow objects

Finalize Project Charter

Revise project scope and timeline with development estimates

Finalize testing strategy

Design – Solution Design and Prototype


Design the solution


Build prototype based on approved scenarios

Design Walkthrough

Conduct design walkthrough with client

Change Management Plan

Develop communication and training plans

Design Review

Perform review of the proposed "To-Be" design

Build – Configuration, Development and Functional Unit Testing


Configure and functionally test Vistex software


Develop and functionally test RICEFW objects

Change Management

Develop user training materials

Finalize knowledge transfer plan

Prepare for Testing

Prepare test scripts for integration and user acceptance testing

Solution Review

Conduct design validation review of new solution

Validate – Integration, User Acceptance and Performance Testing

User Training

Train the trainers (power users) to prepare them for integration and user acceptance testing

Integration Testing

Plan, execute and verify results of integration testing

Performance Testing

Plan, execute and verify results of volume / stress performance testing

User Acceptance Testing

Plan, execute and verify results of user acceptance testing

Go Live Gate Review

Validate Go Live readiness

Nurture – Post Go Live Support and Knowledge Transfer

"HyperCare" Support

Provide power user support

Monitor and optimize system performance

Knowledge Transfer

Conduct final knowledge transfer sessions

Transition to Steady State Support

Validate the need for Vistex VitalLink services

Vistex VitalLink Services

Perform support services as needed