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Product Availability & Support Matrix

SAP Farm Management & Grower Management for Perishables by Vistex

Also called: Agribusiness Suite (ABS): Farm Management & Grower Management


Vistex ABS ReleaseSupport PackRelease DateCorresponding SAP S/4 ReleaseEnd of Mainstream Maintenance
V/4 2023Base3/2024S/4 2023 (any SP level)12/31/2028
No Support Packs Planned
V/4 2022Base3/2023S/4 2022 (any SP level)12/31/2027
No Support Packs Planned
V/4 2021Base4/2022S/4 2021 (any SP level)12/31/2026
No Support Packs Planned
V/4 2020Base1/2021S/4 2020 (any SP level)12/31/2025
No Support Packs Planned
V/4 1909Base4/2020S/4 1909 (any SP level)12/31/2024
No Support Packs Planned
V/4 1809Base4/2019S/4 1809 (any SP level)12/31/2023
No Support Packs Planned
V/4 1709Base7/2018S/4 1709 (any SP level)12/31/2022
No Support Packs Planned


ABS ReleaseSupport PackRelease DateMinimum SAP EHP/SPS LevelEnd of Mainstream Maintenance
6.1Base Package5/2020EHP5 SPS11 / EHP6 SPS9 / EHP7 SPS2/EHP812/31/2027
6.0EBase Package5/2016EHP5 or higher12/31/2021
19/2017EHP5 or higher12/31/2022
No other SPs planned

Vistex is committed to supporting SAP Solution Extensions by Vistex for SAP Business Suite until 2030. This will ensure that your SAP landscape that includes Vistex add-ons maintains continuity of support—in the same manner that you have a seamless user experience with SAP and Vistex partner solutions.

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