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What is GTN? If you think it’s only for invoicing…think again.

Bob Stellar, Industry Principal for Life Sciences at Vistex talks with Pharmaceutical Executive in a virtual Q&A defining the cause and effect of GTN in Life Sciences. Bob answers the important questions: What is Gross-to-Net? Why is it so important to the Life Sciences industry? And what effect does GTN have on business growth?

Visibility into GTN is crucial to your commercial operations. From pricing to contract terms, everything impacts forecasting and accuracy.

With margins getting squeezed and profitability on your agreements in question, you need to be able to answer…
How can I really have comprehensive visibility?

This all-important question is one that your finance and pricing teams struggle to answer. And there are other teams looking for answers too.

Learn how to gain insight into parties that want a piece of the pie that are not part of the agreement. Find out why it’s important to dive deeper into indirect sales and stakeholders.

Where do you and your company stand? Watch the video and find out.

Looking for more insight into GTN?

See how it all adds up

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