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  • Manage all your titles and contracts in a single repository. Know exactly what you have available to pitch, anywhere and in real time.
  • Add exclusives, holdbacks, restrictrions and other details that affect exploitation.
  • Acquire and license at any level – from complete series to single seasons to single episodes.
  • Create initial release plans, previews and holdovers by cinema screen.
  • Enter complex circuit, cinema and screen financial terms – including guarantees, NUTs and net receipts.
  • Import weekly box office reports and create full invoices for every booking.
  • Add key financial terms for every contract: fees, commissions, royalty rates and caps.
  • Import sales data and calculate amounts due.
  • Issue statements and produce financial reports.

cpOnline offers three unique apps:
rights, royalties and bookings

Built in the cloud, with an intuitive, browser-based interface, cpOnline was designed to make life easier for independent film distributors and sales agents.


Spend less time dealing with contract details and more time doing deals with cpRights. cpRights gives you the tools you need to efficiently and effectively manage the complex rights associated with TV and film content production, acquisition and sales.

cpRights eliminates your spreadsheets and manual processes, making it possible to maximize revenue and exploit all the available rights in all your territories and in every format. With a fully configurable content hierarchy and rights model, and flexible contract types, cpRights lets you align its advanced capabilities with the unique requirements of your business. And, perhaps most important, real-time data means you get the information you need right now.


cpRoyalties manages ongoing financial agreements for all your titles and contracts. Use cpRoyalties to set up the terms, import your sales data, and process in one click. By automating your royalties and participations, you can be sure that you are reporting accurately to licensors and collecting the right amounts from all your licensees.


cpBookings takes the difficult work out of planning and managing your digital theatrical releases, and is the only solution specifically focused on administration of theatrical distribution. Time-consuming paperwork and spreadsheets? Never again. Complex box office tracking? Easy. Complicated financial calculations? Done. Invoicing? Effortless. cpBookings automates booking administration from start to finish, giving you more time to refine your strategy and promote more films.

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