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Market Analytics

Do you know all your competitors online?

Market Analytics

Market Analytics

To be successful in eCommerce, you need to get detailed information about changing prices, product features and complete assortments of your competitors.

When retailers and manufacturers analyze customer and competitor data as precisely as possible, this will form the basis for a decisive competitive advantage. We use the right technologies and show you where you stand compared to your competitors in the market.

You need to observe quickly and precisely how the market is developing? Always have an overview of your competition with our market monitoring. Competitor analysis helps you to assess your market position correctly and always stay a step ahead of the competition.

Competitor analysis provides information about

Competitor analysis provides information about:

  • What prices your competitors ask for which items.
  • Which products offer a markup potential.
  • Among which articles a price war has broken out.
  • When any price changes were made by competitors.
  • How the prices of your articles have changed in the past.
  • Which pricing strategies the various market participants implement.
  • How the product mix has changed over time in a category for one single competitor or amongst all of them.
  • How prominently whichever brands are represented in whichever shops and portals.
  • Which new product characteristics are introduced into a market segment.
  • Which new competitors are entering the ring at this moment and how their pricing and product policy appears.

Market intelligence – the foundation for a profitable business

With efficient market analytics, you can keep your competition in view on the basis of current, highly valid and precise data. As a retailer and manufacturer, you are always perfectly informed daily on how prices, product features and entire product lines change among your competitors. Our market analytics solution recognize price trends in every market segment and in every sector – even across national and linguistic borders.

Always have an overview of your competition

We supply the appropriate technologies in this area and show you how to use the data obtained from big data analyses correctly for your own company strategy. Only those who are capable of filtering, understanding and integrating this information into their strategy from the mountains of available data can take a major step ahead of other providers. This will then lead to an increased turnover for your ecommerce site.