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Market Analysis

Vistex Forays into Big Data, Announces Acquisition of Webdata Solutions GmbH

Market leading platform for pricing and product intelligence complements portfolio for customers to gain competitive advantage and boost market share


We turn data into information

Intelligent online market analysis thanks to artificial intelligence.

Charts and figures

Efficient, web-based market analysis

Show retailers and brands exactly where they stand amid global competition. Price, product and supplier data are collected on a daily basis from the Internet and then custom evaluated, so you can recognize opportunities and risks without any delay.

Charts and rows of data

Intelligent matching technology through machine learning and image recognition

Our solution’s unique strength lies in its learning ability and accuracy. This Business Intelligence software even recognizes items having strongly deviating names, images and product descriptions – also without EAN, GTIN or any standardized article numbers. For every sector. In every language.

Scatter plot data

Appropriate market data ensures correct decisions

We align to your business strategy. You will receive your own database and tailored reports containing all relevant information about the market. We help you access every website worldwide. Quickly and reliably.

Benefits for Online Retailers and Brand Manufacturers

Price Monitoring

See what prices competitors are asking for and evaluate how competitive their own prices are on the Internet.

Market Analytics

Analyze competitor product offerings and prices.

Channel Monitoring

See what retailers are selling your product and compare prices between retailers.

Competitive Pricing

Evaluate your product prices against the competition.

Assortment Analysis

Compare your product features to competitors.

Graph showing merchant price thresholds over time

Clear competitive advantage

Online pharmacy store achieves 3% margin increase using Vistex Market Analysis Solution

Tough and dynamic markets play to the strengths of Vistex Market Analysis Solution.

Case in point: Within only one month, an online pharmacy achieved a 3 percent margin increase. From their 500 best-selling products, Vistex Market Analysis Solution identified that 94% had potential for a significant price increase.

Doing the perfect job with our Business Intelligence tool

Market transparency is a powerful success factor for many positions.

Category Manager

  • Keep a close watch on competitors
  • Discover product trends and create bestsellers
  • Increase negotiating power with suppliers

Pricing Manager

  • Gain valid price information at any time
  • Implement efficient pricing strategies
  • Exploit willingness to pay

BI Manager

  • Use detailed and processed matching data
  • Integrate data from external and internal sources
  • Benefit from actionable high quality analysis

Brand Manager

  • Gather deep market knowledge about online channels
  • Monitor pricing levels at the point of sale
  • Protect brand value on the internet

E-Commerce Director

  • Precise market intelligence help you enter new markets
  • Increase online turnover and optimize sales margins
  • Position products that drive price perception among shoppers

Product Manager

  • See what your competitors offer at any given time
  • Target customer needs more precisely
  • Develop successful products

First-Class Matching Algorithm Based on Artificial Intelligence

Reliable data supporting your decisions: Vistex market analysis solutions are capable of precisely comparing all products from all suppliers with its intelligent, self-learning matching technology. Using a semi-automated learning method with training data and feedback mechanisms, the software penetrates your market deeply and with a matching accuracy of 98.2 percent.

Daily Market Analysis bar chart

Detailed information

Define your course of action to optimize prices, product ranges and product characteristics in alignment with your business strategy and pricing rules. Outline which product developments to monitor on which website, whether a hundred items per week or a hundred thousand items per day. Keep an eye on local competition and the international market in foreign languages.

Data Check chart

Individual Data

Cloud solution delivering valuable data without any installation efforts. All tasks, such as data acquisition, data processing and matching, are carried out, at any time and from anywhere.

Price History chart

Flexible evaluations

Feed data alternatively or complementary into your systems using standard exports (XML, CSV, Excel), datafeed, SFTP connection or across individual interfaces. Vistex solutions are available as data-as-a-service, software-as-a-service and as an enterprise solution.

Benefits for online retailers

This self-learning matching technology reliably finds price information on the most varied of products and shows online retailers how competitive their prices actually are every day. Using intelligent price analysis, retailers can quickly see price alterations and product overlaps with their competitors. With this extremely accurate market overview, you can set the optimal foundation for establishing a competitor-oriented pricing strategy.

Follow price trends

Recognize how prices change based on a unique market overview.


Monitor markets

Get an accurate overview of your online competition using daily updated, highly valid and very precise data.


Optimize prices

Gain visibility into exactly where you can strengthen margins and increase sales worldwide and in any language.


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Benefits for manufacturers and brands

This innovative product analysis offers brand manufacturers an overview of the current product prices of their retailers. With the unique market overview, you can protect your brand on the Internet. Manufacturers can regularly analyze competitor products. The intelligent, self-learning, matching algorithm precisely identifies product offerings in its competitor analysis and provides manufacturers with a decisive information advantage in online retail.

Recognize trends

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market. Discover trends early on. Analyze the products, pricing policies and product ranges of your competitors in detail.


Protect brands

Get detailed information about the price development of their products on price comparison portals.


Delight Customers

Receive important insights for your product management and compare the development of your brands with other brands.


Why Market Analysis?

A sharper view

  • Vistex Market Analysis Solution is more reliable and precise than similar systems
  • Advanced matching technology which needs no EAN or similar product numbers
  • Detailed pricing and assortment strategies of all relevant actors in your market

More profitable decisions

  • Precise and individual recommendations for optimizing prices and assortments
  • Detailed security settings prevent strategy conflicts and price downward spirals
  • Quick set up even for massive product lists
  • Actionable reports

Easy to scale and customize

  • Solutions that easily adapt to your growth strategy
  • Cover more products, competitors, data sources and analytic options
  • Add countries and languages, increase or reduce polling intervals
  • Quick set up even for massive product lists

Self-reinforcing competitive advantage

  • Self-learning capability continually adds value to your business the longer you use it
  • Advanced matching technology was developed in a seven-year research project at the Leipzig University
  • Historical data reveal strategic patterns of competitors

It fits your IT

  • Perfect for all industry sectors, because it processes product data of any complexity
  • Available as Software-as-a-Service, Data-as-a-Service and Enterprise Solution
  • Data exchange via standard exports (XML, CSV, Excel), data feed, SFTP or custom-made connections

Expert support and security

  • Technical support experts will assist you on short notice
  • Deep industry expertise provides tailor-made solutions
  • Data is securely stored on dedicated hardware nodes in a private cloud