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Command your content lifecycle, automate your media business and accumulate revenue with a secure, robust enterprise solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime from any device.

As a company in the media or entertainment industry, you have had to meet the combined challenges of an increase in the demand for your content, including access to previously inactive library content, and the proliferation of rights needed to service a wide variety of new channel platforms. Many companies have struggled to meet the demands of the digital media market restricted by legacy solutions that were only designed to manage one type of right, or that were only dedicated to addressing a limited set of requirements. Vistex delivers solutions that have been designed specifically to cover all types of rights–linear and non-linear–offering enterprise-level rights and financial processing functionality across multiple divisions.

Now, you can finally gain control of all your intellectual property rights, royalties, availabilities, and contract details—so you can ensure it all adds up to more growth, not just more costs.

Maximize your content revenue with Smart Avails

Media-SmartAvails.webpIn the age of AI, the Vistex Smart Avails solution helps you manage your digital supply chain and optimize content opportunities with your customers.

As broadcasters and digital platforms continue to vie for the best content, rights-holders must take full advantage of the depth and richness of their libraries. You must find desirable, fully cleared content to service each licensee’s unique demands and create the best possible package and pitch to extract maximum revenue from your library.

Smart Avails changes the narrative from “What can I?” to “What should I?”. 
Re-invent your media and entertainment business with a single source of truth to determine how to monetize the rights you control.

The future of Smart Avails is here:

  • Fast, targeted search to capture every opportunity
  • Search library with a Natural Language Interface
  • External data sets extend the avails query
  • Platform-agnostic upgrade for any rights solution

Studios & Content Providers

  • Content and Rights Management
  • Rights In, Rights Out and Avails
  • Royalties, Finance and Participations

Networks & Broadcasters

  • Contracts and Rights
  • Content Management
  • Finance and Royalties

Operators & Digital Platforms

  • OTT & VOD
  • Rights Management
  • Supplier Payments & Royalties

Sales & Distribution Companies

  • Titles and Contracts
  • Productions & Acquisitions
  • Royalties

Interactive Media & Video Games

  • Contracts and Rights
  • Content Management
  • Supplier Payments & Royalties

New Media

  • Contracts and Rights
  • Content Management
  • Participations

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Deployment Options

SAP Solution Extensions

Leverages the SAP S/4 HANA platform and Fiori User Experience for end-to-end rights and royalty management.

Cloud Solutions for Rights & Royalty Management

Scalable, end-to-end cloud solution designed for your current opportunities and all your future growth.