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Careers in Łódź, Poland

We develop enterprise business solutions for the largest companies in the world

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What we do

We design and develop solutions utilizing the latest technologies and agile methodologies, enabling our customers with convenient dashboard access to sales, pricing and rebates. They are able to leverage the technology and data it reveals to make informed strategic, business decisions faster, optimizing revenue and ROI.

The Vistex solutions we develop in Łódź provide greater visibility into channel marketing management, rights and royalties, and licensing program performance.

At our Łódź location we develop products and we have successful, long-term partnerships with many international brands.

Our Work

Our products make it easier for business stakeholders to:

  • Take control of their mission-critical processes and money flow
  • Manage solutions in the cloud - integrated seamlessly to any ERP
  • Leverage industry expertise with rights and royalty solutions for music, media and licensing
  • Gain strategic insights into global channel sales programs with our in-depth suite of tech channel

And what's important in business is that in the end, it all adds up.

How we do it

As a member of our team, working on state-of-the-art products, you will be given a workplace where you will have a true impact on the products we are building for well-known brands. You will have an opportunity to develop and improve your skills in a range of technologies.

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Teams up to 10 people - Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers work together

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We adjust Agile methodology to meet our needs

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We are working with usage of advanced cloud technology such as GCP (Google), Azure and AWS

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Sprints are carried out as required - each team works at its own pace, e.g. from a week to 4 weeks

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Code reviews - continuous improvement of code and developer’s skills

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Cutting edge technologies

In order to create products of the highest quality and transform customer’s requirements into solutions, we are using the following cutting-edge technologies.

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Meet some of our team

Joanna Ciepluch

Joanna Ciepluch

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

At Vistex I am responsible for matching the best talents on the market with opened roles. Staying professional in the same time as keeping much empathy for people is something crucial for me. In my free time I like reading reportages, cooking and exploring beautiful places especially hitchhiking and backpacking.
Aleksandra Kaźmierczak

Aleksandra Kaźmierczak

Web Designer

I am responsible for preparing all kind of design and also for developing them after design process. At work I am trying to support other team members and also be flexible, reliable and time efficient. In my free time I like to spend time at my garden, climbing, riding a bike and reading books.
Yordan Stoev

Yordan Stoev

Executive Architect

I love programming so much that I became a manager. I lead a 6-people team with endless creativity. My colleagues claim that if I had to save the world with the help of technology, I would have done it better than Iron Man.
Mateusz Gałasiński

Mateusz Gałasiński

Kubernetes Developer

I’m a developer mixing web development and DevOps skills to create cloud-native solutions based on Docker and Kubernetes. I’m working across teams & departments with the goal of empowering developers by use of automation tooling, propagating DevOps philosophy and introducing a containerized approach. When not in front of a computer, I enjoy fantasy & s-f, board games and sailing.
Agata Salska

Agata Salska

Product Implementation & Support Lead

I was doing many things during my career path, but as a QA Engineer I could really spread my wings. I absolutely enjoy working with developers on improving our solutions. I can solve puzzles and be around people at the same time. And I am kept far away from boredom! That is why I spend my free time crocheting (after I untangle my dogs from the yarn of course).
Paweł Kraszewski

Paweł Kraszewski

Director Operations

My experience in software development dates back to 2004, during that time I worked on a range of projects using a variety of methodologies. At the moment, I oversee a large team of developers who work on challenging and complex projects. Working in a team is something I enjoy. I am comfortable in areas such as team building, helping teammates, solving problems, and leading.
Maria Kędziora

Maria Kędziora

Junior Software Developer

I am a recent graduate with a passion for development, striving to enhance my skills swiftly and effectively. I actively participated in the Frontend Academy organized by Vistex and now I code frontend in a team where my colleagues generously share their knowledge. This collaborative environment empowers me to get better every day. I believe in work-life balance - during my spare time, I enjoy dancing, playing badminton, sewing, go karting, and baking. These pursuits not only enrich my life but also fuel my creativity at work.
Jan Stasiak

Jan Stasiak

Junior Software Developer

I am a junior software developer working with a great team, mainly utilizing .NET technologies. I am glad about the opportunity to collaborate with experienced developers and constantly improve my programming qualifications. Besides programming, I am fond of any possible kind of quiz games and exploring the countryside on a road bike.

We believe in work–life fusion

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