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Maximizing revenue potential with media revenue management
Revenue Revolution In The Digital Age
by: Tom McDonough | August 24, 2023

Winning the day with media revenue management

In this lightning-fast digital era, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technologies are changing how we select and view media content on global platforms. Being able to produce and license more content has an inevitable downstream impact on productivity. Eliminating potential revenue loss, reducing incorrect reporting, improving overall margins and maximizing revenue opportunities for your content catalog are essential.

Media revenue management: It’s complicated

Managing your complex billing and mediation ecosystem is one of your most significant challenges. Multiple revenue streams and diverse billing and payment systems demand coordination across your finance, operations and information technology (IT) teams.

Additional revenue management challenges include:

  • Competition from an influx of new companies entering the market
  • Hundreds of different streaming services, websites and apps offer content
  • Lower-priced alternatives to traditional media, including pirated content and free streaming
  • Audiences accustomed to immediate satisfaction who are less willing to pay for content

5 tried-and-true tips to trounce the competition

Boosting the potential of your content to thrive in this highly competitive landscape requires:

  1. Exploring new business models, distribution methods and partnerships with the appropriate technology
  2. Providing quality content people want to watch
  3. Creating a solid brand to help attract and retain customers
  4. Tracking customer behavior and using data to make informed decisions about your content procurement, pricing, marketing and distribution
  5. Being flexible and adapting to new trends that develop in your ever-changing industry

Solutions for industry excellence

Tailored, end-to-end solutions are essential to meet the industry’s unique customer experience and supply chain requirements. A comprehensive platform that integrates content, contracts, finance, sales and analysis can empower you to maximize the value of your intellectual property (IP) across different formats and business units, promoting internal and external collaboration.

You also need robust rights and royalty management solutions that provide real-time insights into content distribution, rights clearance, royalty audits, scheduling, payments and more. Leveraging management tools, automation and analytics allows you to optimize program planning, modeling and profitability.

Embrace the future of media

The power of data is at your fingertips and is waiting to be harnessed. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can achieve error-free billing and revenue management and make informed decisions that maximize your revenue opportunities.

In the dynamic media and entertainment landscape, secure, automated and accurate accounting processes are no longer a luxury — they are essential for success. The future of media lies in the hands of those bold enough to seize innovation, empower their businesses and spark their full revenue potential.