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Vendor Funding

Recognize and collect
more revenue

Vendor Funding

Extend the Capabilities of Your ERP

Recognize and collect more revenue, boost margins and profitability by collecting owed income with improved cost recovery.

Improve your organization’s profitability by reducing the cost of your goods with the Go-to-Market Suite® (GTMS) Vendor Programs module by Vistex. With the power of an enterprise solution, you can improve program performance itself, streamline your processes, claim monies owed and attain unrealized earnings. Designed with compelling interactive visualizations, individualized dashboards, and advanced real-time analytical tools, your programs will deliver maximum value.

GTMS Vendor Funding


Manage complex tasks such as contract updates, ongoing and retroactive transaction processing, vendor invoicing, claim reconciliation and more with a single, integrated approach.

Co-op & MDF

Boost margins with enhanced planning and budgeting of vendor funding programs and track fund balances.

Purchasing Rebates

Model, administer, report and analyze all of your vendor rebate programs with comprehensive, sophisticated tools.

Brochure: GTMS Vendor Funding Brochure

Gain control and stop profit leakage by recognizing and collecting more revenue.


Drive Revenue, Control Costs & Increase Margins

About Go-to-Market Suite®

Vistex Go-to-Market Suite® (GTMS) is an enterprise-class modular-based application that helps drive revenue, control spend, and influence behavior. GTMS is specifically designed to offer unprecedented visibility into program performance, providing unparalleled insight into the management of entire programs, and provides end-to-end insights into overall program effectiveness while driving topline revenue and improving bottom line profit.

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