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Trade & Channel

Recognize the true value of
your trade programs

Extend the Capabilities of Your ERP

Increase sales and profits with trade and channel programs, keep costs under control by measuring and maximizing customer performance.

With up to 20 percent of revenue typically tied to channel partner programs, manufacturers stand to lose big if processing errors, incorrect payment or improper claims are not kept under control. Drive profitability in your organization with the Go-to-Market Suite® (GTMS) Trade Programs & Channel module by Vistex. GTMS Trade & Channel Programs provides sophisticated tools for modeling, administering, and analyzing trade programs – tools that enable you to recognize their true value and make informed decisions about how to maximize their performance.

GTMS Trade & Channel


Manage complex tasks such as contract updates, ongoing and retroactive transaction processing, vendor invoicing, claim reconciliation and more with a single, integrated approach.

Co-op & MDF

Market your products better and make it easier for valued partners to use marketing development and co-op funds.

Sales Rebates

Deliver end-to-end support for sales rebate programs including modeling, tracking, analyzing, and reporting.

Channel Tracking

Have full visibility into accurate inventory data–from channel partner to customer.


Gain control over the tender and RFP process from start to finish.

Deal Registration

Reduce channel conflict and manage partner pipeline.

Brochure: GTMS Trade and Channel Brochure

Recognize the true value of your trade programs by optimizing and measuring performance.


Drive Revenue, Control Costs & Increase Margins

About Go-to-Market Suite®

Vistex Go-to-Market Suite® (GTMS) is an enterprise-class modular-based application that helps drive revenue, control spend, and influence behavior. GTMS is specifically designed to offer unprecedented visibility into program performance, providing unparalleled insight into the management of entire programs, and provides end-to-end insights into overall program effectiveness while driving topline revenue and improving bottom line profit.

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