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Global Payments

Accelerate payments and boost channel satisfaction

Nothing frustrates your channel partners more, or causes as much dissatisfaction with your Go-to-Market programs, as slow reimbursement. In fact, it’s the No. 1 partner complaint. What’s more, lengthy payment cycles hurt your operation directly, because long waits generate inquiries. And inquiries take time to answer – time your people could use to perform core tasks.

Efficient payment reduces operations costs

With Global Payments from Vistex, you get a comprehensive payment solution that allows you to quickly, accurately and securely disburse funds worldwide in more than 135 currencies. This significant improvement in efficiency not only keeps your staff focused, it lowers our operations costs and improves both program engagement and partner satisfaction.

The partner experience is further enhanced with exceptional payment-related communication and visibility. Email notifications keep your partners informed on the status of their payments, and the online Benefit Summary lets them track those payments, see details, view payment history and check fund/point balances.

Features and Benefits

  • Shorter time-to-payment
  • Flexible payment options – EFT, ACH, check
  • Payments worldwide in 135 currencies
  • Enhanced partner experience and improved program engagement
  • Fewer inquiries and lower support costs
  • Consolidated payments and lower payment fees
  • Robust security and controls