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Business Advisory

Helping you define and implement best practices to ensure maximum ROI

Business Advisory Services is a team of veteran professionals with broad business experience, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, combined with a thorough understanding of Vistex solutions that can drive success. Working in conjunction with the Solution Delivery implementation team, Business Advisory Services provides best practice consulting to help guarantee the success of your project.

Helping you define and implement industry best practices to maximize ROI is our goal. We help you build and execute a detailed change management plan, including stakeholder risk assessment, communication, training, and collateral development to prepare for success. Other strategies for key performance indicators and and configured solutions prepare the way for you to easily see the value of your go-to-market programs.

So whether you want to learn how to navigate a global marketplace – with insights on everything from culture to compliance, or if you are strategizing to determine which KPIs are most critical, we can help you. Because when you can’t account for everything, there’s Vistex | Now it all adds up™.

Business Advisement

Business Advisory Services consultants begin by gathering information to ensure a firm sense of your company’s strategic objectives. The team can assist in the development of a business case and benefit measurement criteria, and create a business transformation roadmap.

  • Program Assessment & Design
  • Governance, Compliance & Controls
  • Program Automation & Data Integration
  • Finance & Accounting Engagement

Business Transformation

The Business Advisory Services team provides support to ensure that proper plans are in place to undertake a successful project and a smooth transition to doing business using your new solution.

  • Standardizing Business Processes and Incorporating Business Objectives
  • Test Strategy and Case Development and Training Strategy Support
  • Migration Strategy Development
  • Go-Live Readiness Check

Operations Enablement

The Business Advisory Services team will assess how well the solution is being used by observing “day in the life” usage, determine if expected solution benefits are being realized, and identify the causes of any shortfalls, which could include system or process gaps.

  • Operational Adoption and Optimization
  • Program Enablement, Integration & Acceptance
  • Work Stream Planning & Extending the Solution
  • Organizational Change Management