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What Many Wholesale Distributors Are Missing Today

One Truth to Rule Them All

If managing disparate spreadsheets and systems remotely is starting to feel a bit like peering into the terrible gaze of the Eye of Sauron, join this webinar to hear the advice of Vistex Vice President of Product Development Cara DeGraff, who started her career in Wholesale Distribution. Cara describes the challenges she faced, which she knows wholesale distributors are facing while working remotely today.

Cara DeGraff describes her first meeting with Vistex Founder & CEO Sanjay Shah, when he called on her former wholesale distributor employer to augment their needs within their legacy SAP software. That was the moment Cara’s eyes were opened to the extraordinary possibilities of software solutions to support SAP. Ultimately, she joined Sanjay Shah and Vistex to encourage and guide more software development innovations, beyond the initial “calculation engine” developed by Sanjay.

Cara elaborates on the challenges she knows wholesale distributors are facing during remote working mandates, missing the normally collaborative work culture and the homegrown systems they are accustomed to accessing. She also describes the importance of having one source of the truth in financial reporting, and how it is even more critical today than ever before, upstream and downstream.

For wholesale distributors who do not rely on SAP ERP systems, Cara describes how Vistex supports these distributors with a cloud-based solution that enables them to remain competitive, accountable, accurate, and agile, even as the distributed workplace remains the “new normal” well into 2021. The bottom line is that one source of the truth—through a software solution--ensures wholesalers never leave money on the table.


Cara DeGraff Vice President of Product Management at Vistex

Cara DeGraff is responsible for guiding Vistex software solutions innovation and product development, as well as educating audiences about the Vistex product suites. Prior to Vistex, Cara worked for manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries, managing and implementing diverse business processes.

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