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Powering your business with trade promotion optimization

What are your current trade promotion processes, and what pain points are you looking to solve through trade promotion optimization?

Identifying the trade promotion processes in your value chain that can be improved to boost program performance and impact your bottom is not easy. Thorough analysis and detailed master data management are big first steps. But, if you’re looking to optimize for margin, start by identifying specific process factors, such as:

  • Internal and external visibility - help identify and provide support for all connections across your enterprise and with your channel partners
  • Collaborative planning and forecasting – team with all stakeholders and partners of trade spend and volume

Some typical pain points

  • Cumbersome, manual and expensive program planning and administration
  • Lack of insights as to how spending drives ROI
  • High support cost of claim & reimbursement inquiries
  • Lack of compliance and controls
  • Over and underpayment results in revenue ‘leakage’
  • Multiple sources of truth due to multiple interfaces
  • Difficulties process pricing changes
  • Inability to easily see profitability or get a 360 view
  • Difficult to simulate ‘what if’ scenarios or model impact of program changes
  • Poor partner satisfaction due to untimely payment and lack of visibility

The powering your business trade promotion management and optimization webinar will provide you with a better understanding of how to maximize the profitability of your trade programs.
Plus, discover how to …

  • Effectively manage the entire trade lifecycle—from initial strategy, planning and execution, right down to the analytics
  • Gain full visibility into your promotional programs, their effectiveness and profitability
  • Enable your team to drive trade programs more efficiently and profitably with Vistex functionality

Watch the webinar now for an effective solution that will provide the accuracy, consistency, visibility, and insights necessary to ensure that critical data is current and aligned with specific processes and planning decisions required of each team member involved in the Customer Annual Planning and Execution (CAPE) process.