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Streaming Wars – Survival in a Direct-to-Consumer Content World

Our Virtual Roundtable Series for Rights & Royalties continues. Join the next Vistex expert session for a discussion focusing on direct to consumer content and the streaming wars taking over the industry.Watch as our roundtable panelists share viewpoints on tough questions facing the industry today and then examine ways that you can drive future success and grow revenue. So, how do you do it?

Get started now.

Of course you want to be on the path to growth and success – but how do you get started? There’s no time to delay. The compound value of time within this space tells us that those who act first, and those who act fast will have a better chance at success.

Get your data in order.

How do you get visibility to all your media content in the D2C world? See how you can identify real-time availability of resources and capitalize on any opportunity as it arises.
Do you really look at your data, consume the information and organize it? Legacy data and customer data is not always clean. Hear how industry experts take the vast amounts of data and use it for actionable insights and to drive decisions. Explore how analytics can help identify the changes you need to make.

Listen to your users.

We all need a little help sometimes, right? The more you know about what your audience is asking for, the better decisions you can make to keep them entertained with timely, relevant content. If you aren’t letting user data help you make decisions, this session will give you practical ways to help you get started with that process.

Be prepared

How do you plan for business decisions that don't even exist yet? Develop a strategy that will help define your Rights hierarchy.
Are you positioned to be competitive and differentiated in the media streaming wars? We are here to help you thrive in the Direct-to-Consumer content environment. We will look at why a rules-based approach is ideal for simplifying rights and royalties management and how it can takes the guess work out of any situation that you might come across in your day-to-day work, like calculations, agreements, workflows, and more –.