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Is Your Ship and Debit Program Leaving You Dead in the Water?

Streamline your efforts to achieve real value in real time

As a sales leader, how do you effectively maximize revenue across billions of revenue moments daily? It’s a tall order, and without a smooth sailing ship and debit program, you could find yourself in deep water. With an estimated $2B of revenue leakage across the semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing arena alone, implementation of a new program or reevaluating your current program is a necessity. Ship and debit programs are unique rebate agreements between a supplier and distributor and widely used in the tech sector for good reason. These agreements and the processes used to implement them safeguard margins. The process may seem simple from the start, but there’s plenty of room for mistakes. As your business and rebate programs grow, so do the margins for error. If your company is utilizing manual or ad-hoc systems to manage claims, you’re likely missing key information that is essential to an effective rebate program and maximizing revenue. With dedicated rebate management software, you will quickly realize the benefits of having a robust management system in place. Set a new course with an automated ship and debit program: Benefits for manufacturers
  • Maximized revenue
  • Increased channel dependability
  • Reduced overpayments
  • Streamlined price changes
Benefits for distributors
  • Increased assurance
  • Greater confidence
  • Simplified channel engagement
The risk of losing a valuable partner in a volatile market can be catastrophic to your business. Customer demands and continuously changing pricing strategies will leave you plagued with errors if you don’t reevaluate your current programs and streamline your ship and debit processes for greater transparency, savings, tracking, and ultimately creating better relationships and perceived value with partners. Discover what is possible when you automate your ship and debit program. Download the eBook, Is Your Ship and Debit Program Leaving You Dead in the Water?