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Rebate and incentive programs are powerful tools for gaining market share, boosting sales and recouping revenue. But if your programs are like most, they have complex criteria and are difficult to manage. Most organizations manage rebates using spreadsheets – a 100% manual approach that is complicated, slow and mistake-prone. And with the rising sophistication of programs, inefficient processes inevitably lead to inaccurate accruals, unrealized earnings, inventory turnover and payout miscalculations.

Pro Tips for Better Incentive Management

Download Pro Tips for Better Incentive Management to make your rebate programs are what they are meant to be – a reliable, effective tactic for incenting sales, and for improving revenue, profitability and market share.

Learn how to track and analyze data from rebate, trade, claim, pricing, and other incentive programs to optimize overall performance. See how you can gain the ability to support the entire incentive management lifecycle while becoming better connected to behavior that benefits your company. Most of all, empower your teams by reducing manual processes and calculation errors, so they can accurately forecast, plan and manage programs that incentivize behavior and drive revenue and profitability.

See how it all adds up

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