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The Secret to Chargeback Success for Wholesale Distributors

Maximize cost recovery to drive your revenue growth

Can wholesale distributors find opportunity for revenue growth during rapidly changing business conditions like we find ourselves in today?

The answer is a resounding, yes! But, then the next question quickly asked is, well, how?

Vendor-driven cost-recovery programs, whether you call them chargebacks, ship-and-debit, deviated pricing or special price authorizations, are complex. And the volume of transactions through these programs is tremendous. All too often, the predictable result is that chargeback recovery rates are low and error rates high. The objective truth: Companies that do not have strong management controls around these programs are leaving money on the table.

In an industry where the line between operating at a profit or a loss can be razor thin, distributors must take action to protect their margins. The challenge for many wholesale distributors stems from the inability to manage chargeback contracts, quickly and accurately process vendor claims, and handle discrepancies without the whole process becoming too complex and overloaded with manual efforts. But, many distributors, like W.W. Grainger, McKesson, Graybar, and Cardinal Health, have found out a secret—a way to simplify the management of even the most complex chargeback contracts, submit accurate claims, and mitigate calculation discrepancies to ensure all eligible chargeback revenue is captured.

Take a look at this video and learn how you, too, can easily track and manage all of your critical vendor and customer contracts - simply and with full visibility into your most important pricing and claim details. There is an opportunity to continue to grow, even in today’s challenging environment. Watch now to see how it’s done, and make sure that your company never leaves money on the table.

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