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Macro- And Micro-Level Best Practices In Channel Programs

When you hear the term Best Practices do your eyes roll while saying, “Yet another best practice about the same problem?” No one wants redundancy or outdated information. However, best practices evolve as program constructs mature, regulatory concerns emerge and market challenges prompt new ways of doing business.

What’s the tall and short of channel program challenges? Watch the webinar and learn how to:

  • Gain insight into real and positive ways to engage the partner ecosystem on their terms and time
  • Present transparent and one-source data so partners understand what they are truly getting from your incentives
  • Unlock true visibility into partner benefits and potential benefits if they are fully engaged
  • Remove rocket science from the partner engagement process with a KISS program

Join us and discover ways to engage your partners and equip you and your partners for program success.


Karen Strub

Karen Strub

Vice President, Program Management at Vistex