The Great Top Line-to-Bottom Line Transition

Join SAP’s Global Vice President of Wholesale Distribution, Magnus Meier, and Vistex Vice President of Product Management, Cara DeGraff, to hear their insights on the current trends they’re seeing in wholesale distribution today, and how these industry futurists believe these trends will impact wholesale distributors moving forward.

As you know, whether we’re in normal times or experiencing times of economic distress, cash flow management is the lifeblood of any wholesale distributor. Overextending customer credit, extending payment terms and passively collecting receivables all impact cash flow. Only the laggards–such as the 14% Accenture reports who are not yet offering their customers omnichannel buying access–have yet to learn these important lessons. The good news is, the industry is generally healthy, despite the economic nosedive of Q1 in 2020. According to, the wholesale distribution market went from a Q1 Seq. Free Cash Flow Quarterly Growth of -56.31% to a positive 311.99% in Q2 of 2020.1

Listen as Magnus and Cara discuss:

  • The wholesale distributors most impacted
  • The remote work life shift and the new buying behaviors
  • How the impacted wholesale distributors are adapting with D2C
  • Why automation and analytics will ultimately decide the winners and losers
  • How SAP and Vistex are experiencing the statuses of their wholesale distribution customers

Hear Magnus and Cara share their advice for ensuring your wholesale distributorship will be able to weather future business disruptions and pivot to a position of competitive leadership.


Cara DeGraff - Vice President of Product Management at Vistex<

Cara DeGraff
Vice President of Product Management at Vistex

Cara DeGraff is responsible for guiding Vistex software solutions innovation and product development, as well as educating audiences about the Vistex product suites. Prior to Vistex, Cara worked for manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries, managing and implementing diverse business processes. 

Magnus Meier - Vice President and Global Head, SAP Wholesale Distribution Business Unit

Magnus Meier
Vice President and Global Head, SAP Wholesale Distribution Business Unit

Magnus Meier has been with SAP for more than two decades. His current area of focus is Wholesale Distribution, where Magnus is instrumental in fostering strong collaborations with solution partners to augment the SAP set of applications for wholesale distributors with advantageous, industry specific capabilities.

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