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Best Practices in B2B Rebate and Incentive Management

Pro Tips for Uncovering Your Untapped Revenue

B2B incentive and rebate management is a vital process to the success of every business – no matter if you are large or small enterprise, or whether you are a manufacturer or distributor. Rebate and incentive programs, when left unmanaged or poorly executed, can mean the difference between profit and loss for an organization. In this webinar, Dale Taormino will start by setting a baseline to answer these important questions:
  • What is rebate and incentive management?
  • Why are B2B rebates and incentives important to my business?
Next, we will review common pains, missteps and challenges that we’ve seen in our tenured experience with leading global manufacturers and distributors, citing real life examples from companies like Sony and Anheuser-Busch. Finally, we will spend the bulk of the presentation discussing best practices and practical tips that you can implement in your business immediately. Examining both strategic and operational best practices, you can take away ideas to evaluate the effectiveness of your rebates and incentive programs and ensure that your programs are really driving more growth, and not just more costs.

B2B Rebate and Incentive Management Best Practices

Stakeholder alignmentStakeholder Alignment
Metric and KPIsMetric & KPIs
Automation and integrationAutomation & Integration

How can sales be up, and profits be down?

Trust us, it can happen. Managing rebate and incentive programs are vitally important but can be extremely hard to maintain. Especially when they’re managed in pieces through various teams and different programs like your ERP, Excel, Access, or a legacy, homegrown system. But, you’re not alone, 86% of CPG manufacturers are unsatisfied with their ability to manage these programs. But, its not just manufacturers that feel the pain--no matter what industry you’re in, managing the volume and complexity of rebates and incentives can be challenging. In this webinar you’ll learn how to uncover untapped revenue by:
  • Aligning ecosystem & strategy: internal factors considered in incentive design and how to align with key goals of your organization
  • Working with insights: use metrics, tracking, and benchmarking of your programs to migrate to growth-oriented programs
  • Streamlining & simplifying operations: identify and address gaps in process areas and governance to gain efficiencies
  • Connect core systems to pull all the pieces together: integration methods with the right IT support


Dale Taormino - VP Client Services at Vistex

Dale Taormino

VP Client Services at Vistex