Record Maestro

Exceed industry challenges with a state of the art repertoire management and royalty solution

The advent of media digitization has forced the record industry to become more analytical and data driven in order to survive in this new paradigm. Not only have revenues declined but the number of new income streams has exploded. Whether sending metadata to iTunes, registering master recordings or analyzing streaming data in order to make business decisions, the ease at which you can enter, manipulate and harness data is more vital than ever before.

The complete royalty administration solution for labels and distributors

Record Maestro is the market leading solution for the administration of master recording data, rule setting and calculation of royalty obligations. From setting up new music products and assigning contributors, to creating dynamic artist royalty models and producing client statements. The system automates tasks and delivers the reliability, flexibility and efficiency required for any company serious about managing the data and calculation rules of a modern day record label.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

  • Maintain a single recording, product and client repository
  • Quickly and efficiently enter new product and client data
  • Send accurate and specified data to digital stores
  • Register recordings data electronically with major collecting societies
  • Dynamic royalty models which allow for a myriad of business configurations
  • Reconcile royalty statements and cash receipts to ensure that you pay royalties due
  • Take advantage of neighboring rights and manage repertoire in order to register directly with societies