Music Maestro

Increase revenue and reduce overhead in a time of decreasing margins

The Music Publishing industry has always been a data driven business, whether registering copyrights or tracking numerous income streams in order to generate royalties. The ease with which you can manipulate and harness that data is the goal of every music publisher. With the advent of digital consumption the ability to achieve this goal has become more challenging and complex than ever before.

The complete music publishing administration solution

Music Maestro is the leading solution for administering song catalogs; from registering copyrights, licensing catalogs, processing royalties, paying clients and building global networks. Music Maestro allows you to seamlessly transfer information between all users of Counterpoint publishing and label applications. The system automates tasks and delivers the reliability, flexibility and efficiency required for any company serious about music publishing.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

  • Automatically exchange catalog data with sub-publishers
  • Register songs directly with collecting societies
  • Automate the production of royalty statements
  • Publish your catalog online for users to search
  • Generate revenue with licensing tools
  • Identify your top earners and most profitable products
  • Take advantage of Music Maestro's dynamic functionality and register songs in bulk with multiple societies via CWR (2.2 compatible)