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Too often, administrative tasks divert attention from licensing business development. Time-consuming manual processes such as agreement tracking, email-based product approvals, royalty calculation, reporting and invoicing can quickly become a burden. Existing financial systems cannot manage the nuances of guarantee and royalty invoicing for licensing, requiring manual workarounds. Ultimately this leads to miscalculations and a slow time-to-market of licensed products, resulting in revenue loss.

Streamline contract and royalty administration processes

License Maestro is an end-to-end software solution that facilitates all aspects of running a licensing business: Rights management, royalty processing, reporting, sub ledger accounting, financial management and analysis, product approvals and licensee relationship management.

  • Rights: central repository capturing all IP assets owned, managed or licensed
  • Royalties: automated calculation and processing of inbound and outbound royalties
  • Accounting: overview of the financial status, such as royalties due, paid or collected
  • Collaboration: a web interface for review and validation of product designs, exchange of sales reports and statements of account between licensor and licensee.


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