Accelerate payments and keep payees informed

Your incentive, rebate and royalty programs are only as good as their weakest component. And if payments are a problem, your entire channel program has a problem. In fact, in the technology industry, slow reimbursement is the No. 1 partner complaint.

But channel dissatisfaction is not the only fallout from lengthy payment cycles: long waits generate inquiries. And inquiries take time to answer – time that could be used for core processes, time that literally is money.

Efficient payment processes reduce costs

channelPay by Vistex is a complete payment solution that allows you to quickly, easily and securely to disburse funds worldwide in more than 135 currencies. With channelPay’s robust capabilities you can make payments accurately and on time, and reduce your operations costs, while increasing partner satisfaction and improving program engagement.

The partner experience – and your financial staff’s focus – is further improved by providing payees with exceptional visibility into payment status. channelPay’s Benefit Summary allows payees to track their payments, see payment details, view payment histories and check fund/point balances. With Vistex channelPay, your customers and partners know when and what they will be paid.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

  • Improved time-to-payment
  • Flexible payment options – EFT, ACH, check
  • Worldwide payments in 135 currencies
  • Improved partner experience and satisfaction
  • Reduced support costs and fewer inquiries
  • Lower payment fees by consolidating payments
  • Robust security and controls