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Channel Monitoring

Who sells your products where and at what price?

Channel Monitoring

Channel Monitoring

Sales across numerous channels are accelerating volatile price developments in eCommerce. At the same time, the risks of product counterfeiting are on the rise. Fake products cost brands much money, time and nerves.

Particularly among quality brands, the grey market can lead to a drop in value of their products, as well as a loss in image. As a result, brand manufacturers face the challenge of creating a healthy balance between increasing sales and protecting their brand image. To recognize the tendencies of image loss at an early stage, companies need detailed information about the price development of their products on price comparison portals, online marketplaces and in online shops.

Channel Monitoring helps you see

Channel Monitoring helps you see:

  • Which products are offered by which retailers on price comparison portals, online marketplaces and in online shops.
  • When a new retailer sells your products on the Internet.
  • The product lifecycles and popular product variations of your branded products.

Effective channel monitoring in just a few clicks. Optimize your online brand profile today.

Channel monitoring – Control the pricing policies of your retailers

Channel monitoring supports brand-name manufacturers with an effective retailer monitoring on the Internet. On the basis of reliable and current data, you gain valuable insights for your product management and also keep your sales partners in sight. In combination with marketing campaigns, product launches of your own brands or those of the competition, the collected data also forms a solid basis for strategic decisions in the fields of marketing and product development.

Protecting your brand

Shifted purchasing behavior amongst consumers effects the structures and strategies of online retail. A strong price awareness among consumers, combined with illegal offerings at dumping prices, increases the pricing pressure on certified retailers.

The prices of these grey market goods are mostly well below the usual selling prices of authorized retailers. Considerable damage is suffered not only by brand-name manufacturers, but certified retailers must also endure losses in sales. Manufacturers are concerned about this development and are looking for solutions to protect their brand image.

Price transparency creates pricing pressure

Ever more companies are thus introducing automated solutions to price and retailer monitoring on the Internet. Daily updated and highly valid data creates an informational advantage, offering companies the ability to react faster and more efficiently to current happenings in eCommerce.