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Assortment Analysis

Do you strengthen your valuable brands lastingly in eCommerce?

Assortment Analysis

Assortment Analysis

As a manufacturer, you should always keep track of developments on the market. Because of the huge number of competitors in eCommerce, this becomes difficult to achieve. In the age of big data there exist countless quantities of information on the Internet.

Assortment analysis (also called Range analysis) provides manufacturers with an overview of their entire segment. From the uniquely high data quality, you receive important insights for your product management and can compare the development of your brands with other brands. By monitoring your items at distribution partners and other retailers, you will be protecting your brand on the Internet. You can then detect illegal copies, unauthorized retailers and dumping prices.

Manufacturers can learn graph

Manufacturers can learn:

  • How the product mix in a category differs and changes at a particular dealer or across multiple merchant sites, countries and languages
  • New product features introduced in your market segments
  • New competitors entering the market, including their pricing and product policy

Strengthen your brand profile with assortment analysis and create an overview of the current product prices and trends in eCommerce.

Assortment analysis in eCommerce

To find the valuable data hidden within infinitely large data mountains, innovative applications are entirely necessary. The price and product data of your competitors must be processed profitably. Intelligent software solutions address the problems of dynamic online markets, thus allowing for an automated collection and association of competitor data.

Identify trends early on – clearly and quickly

The advantage of automated tools lies primarily in their significantly higher update frequency. A systematic detection of current and valid competitor-pricing allows for an immediate reaction to trends among your competition. Strengthen your brand image by consistently monitoring and analyzing your market environment.