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Embrace Retail Revenue Management To Gain Visibility Into Total Income And Increase Profitability

Use automation and analytics to streamline your operation, control costs and drive demand.

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Vistex for Retail

The resilience of the retail industry has been remarkable. Staying ahead of market changes and disruptions requires operational efficiency and speed plus continuous innovation to stay relevant and profitable. Explore how Operational Changes, Hyper-Personalization, Retail Marketing and Pricing & Promotional trends may be eroding profit margins and impacting your daily processes from vendor agreements and pricing to sales and customer loyalty.

To realize profitable growth and manage your total revenue, harness the power of automation and digitalization to streamline the way you plan, implement, analyze and optimize your business strategies. With speed and innovation leading the way, you will make smarter, faster decisions, stay relevant and improve profits in response to market conditions in real time.

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Chris WiesenHear from Chris Wiesen, Industry Principal for Retail at Vistex

To improve profit margins, you need an end-to-end solution for managing total revenue from vendor agreements, rebates and incentives to pricing, promotions and customer loyalty.

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As a retailer, operating in a fast-moving competitive environment requires visibility, speed and agility to adapt to market conditions in real time. Take charge of your total revenue and retail success with an end-to-end revenue management solution that puts you in control of your daily processes, program performance and profit objectives. Strengthen partner relationships and team collaboration, build confidence in your pricing and promotional strategies and ensure your business and margin objectives are on track.

Discover a better way to manage trade promotions, vendor rebates and incentives while optimizing your pricing strategies, profit margins and total revenue.

Vendor Management

Automatically calculate and validate agreements, contracts, incentives, rebates and trade promotions with full visibility into program details.

Price Management

Boost profits and reduce effort with comprehensive tools to optimize and analyze pricing performance, evaluate margin impacts and automate updates.

Omnichannel Management

Improve oversight across channels and banners and easily manage agreements, incentives, commissions and service fees for partner affiliates.

Marketing Events

Manage incentives, rebates, pricing and promotions and capture proof of event to instantly claim costs from vendors and partner affiliates.

Analytics & Reporting

Analyze transactional data in real time to review performance, evaluate revenue and see profitability by channel, category and item.


Automate and track claims against contract terms to minimize revenue leaks and ensure all earned income is recognized and reconciled.

Fixed Funds

Monitor marketing fund spend, validate correct use of allocated money and automate claim creation and reconciliation.

Variable Funds

Track purchases and earned marketing funds, validate correct use of allocated money and automate claim creation and reconciliation.

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Take charge of your total revenue and profitability

Looking to stay ahead of market disruptions that impact trends like Operational Changes, Hyper-Personalization, Retail Marketing, and Pricing and Promotions?

Gain a clearer picture into ways to improve productivity, implement pricing strategies and leverage data insights using a comprehensive revenue management solution designed to protect margins and increase revenue from all sources of income.

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