The Music industry has always been a data driven business, whether registering copyrights or tracking numerous income streams in order to generate royalties. The ease with which you can manipulate and harness that data is the goal of every music publisher, label and distributor. With the advent of digital consumption the ability to achieve this goal has become more challenging and complex than ever before. The net result is that in order to effectively manage this data, or in other words – business assets, requires a robust and flexible solution. Vistex provides enterprise level software that equips the entire Music industry to help overcome these new challenges.

Copyright Management

  • Copyright Administration
  • CWR Registration
  • Catalog Shipment

Royalty Distribution

  • Royalty Upload and Validation
  • Royalty Calculations Processing
  • Statement Distribution (including Online Statments)


  • Synch, Mechanical and Permissions Administration
  • Integrated Licensing Workflow
  • Detailed Pitch History and Management

Repertoire Management

  • Label copy Administrations
  • Metadata Management
  • Catalog and Repertoire Notification and Distribution

Contract Administration

  • Artist Contracts and Commitment
  • Renewals, Expiries and Notifications
  • Royalty Rates, Rules and Models

Royalty Distribution

  • Artist Royalty Calculations
  • Mechanical Royalty Calculations
  • Statement Distribution (including Online Statements)

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Webinar: On-Demand
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Solutions for the Music Industry

Solutions for SAP

Leverages the SAP S/4 HANA platform and Fiori User Experience for end-to-end rights and royalty management

Counterpoint Suite

Software to manage royalties for distributors, labels, and publishers