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Streamline your rights management and royalties calculations with complete accuracy to save time and focus on what really matters – growing your licensing business.

Your key to running an effective licensing business requires efficient end-to-end management of the entire supply chain. From negotiations all the way to product sell through, your licensing agreements dictate the parameters driving profits or resulting in losses, depending on how your intellectual property is distributed and managed. Whether you’re a licensor, licensee, or agent, everyone contributes to the success of a licensing program, and 360° visibility leverages insights to grow your business. Vistex solutions will run every aspect of your licensing program, for all parties in your supply chain: rights management, royalty processing, reporting, sub-ledger accounting, financial management and analysis, product approvals, and partner relationship management.

Now, you can finally gain control of your licensing business so you can ensure it all adds up to more growth, not just more costs.


Central repository capturing all IP assets owned, managed or licensed


Automated calculation and processing of inbound and outbound royalties


Overview of the financial status, such as royalties due, paid or collected


Validate product designs and sales reports and statements between licensor and licensee

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Deployment Options

SAP Solution Extensions

Leverages the SAP S/4 HANA platform and Fiori User Experience for end-to-end rights and royalty management.

Cloud Solutions for Rights & Royalty Management

Scalable, end-to-end cloud solution designed for your current opportunities and all your future growth.