In the High Tech industry, your innovation drives all that you do, and to support this innovation you need to have an end-to-end system that enables you to successfully take your products to market. This involves tracking intellectual property for the use of your technologies, managing purchasing and sales agreements and tracking prices and incentives to suppliers and partners. Vistex solutions are able to absorb and accurately process point-of-sale (POS) data and claims. Vistex solutions provide you with the tools needed to manage and analyze your Go-to-Market programs so that they are optimized to meet business objectives.

High Tech Ship and Debit

Ship and Debit

Ensure SPAs are favorable and gain visibility into true profitability with contract analytics and automated claim validations

High Tech Customer Rebates

Customer Rebates

Drive revenue and reward behavior with targeted rebates

High Tech Price Protection

Price Protection

Administer programs and automatically validate partner claims against channel inventory

High Tech Channel Programs

Channel Programs

Manage all aspects of planning, contracting, data ingestion, and claim validation

High Tech Royalty Contracts

IP Licensing

Easily outline royalty parameters with rates at IP or overall levels

High Tech Price Management

Price Management

Full suite of price maintenance, analytics and optimization capabilities

High Tech Distributor Rebates

Distributor Rebates

Drive distributor behavior through fee-for-service, compliance, and volume-based programs

High Tech Channel Inventory

Channel Inventory

Monitor channel inventory to validate and pay price protection and distributor claims

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