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Gain Visibility into Profitability and Performance with End-to-End Revenue Management

Increase market share and take command of financial and customer outcomes

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Discover and explore pivotal trends impacting your business: exponential technologies, supply chain disruption, data as a strategic asset and predictive analytics. With the rising cost of customer acquisition, the rapid pace of innovation and intense competition for market share, your challenges include closely monitoring program performance to driving demand and protecting against margin erosion.

Manage the full breadth of direct and indirect channel management in one platform. From CDM, contracts, pricing and quoting to design registration, ship and debit, and Co-op & MDF — now you can improve margins and revenue by driving better pricing, increasing attach rates and streamlining revenue management.

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Gain real insight into these 4 trends and learn how to solve for the challenges you face with revenue management.

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Monitor program performance, drive demand and protect margins for critical revenue growth as a software vendor, semiconductor manufacturer, contract manufacturer or OEM. Manage the full breadth of direct and indirect channel management and gain insights into customer performance and true Gross-to-Net while increasing market share and gaining financial control.

Now, your team can gain control of revenue management and improve margins by driving better pricing, financial accuracy and visibility into data insights — so you can make sure it all adds up to more growth, not just more costs.

Ship & Debit

Achieve automated calculation and validation of claims and gain visibility into detailed program information.

Customer Rebates

Drive revenue and reward behavior with targeted rebates.

Price Protection

Administer programs and automatically validate partner claims against channel inventory.

Channel Programs

Manage all aspects of planning, contracting, data ingestion and claim validation.

IP Licensing

Easily outline royalty parameters with rates at IP or overall levels.

Price Management

Full suite of price maintenance, analytics and optimization capabilities.

Distributor Rebates

Drive distributor behavior through fee-for-service, compliance, and volume-based programs.

Channel Inventory

Monitor channel inventory to validate and pay price protection and distributor claims.

Co-op & MDF

Gain end-to-end program visibility to manage planning and funds allocation, track spend, claims and collections, and monitor approvals and performance.

Global Payment Programs

Make rapid, secure global payments in over 135 currencies, while reducing operational costs and increasing payee satisfaction and engagement.

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Maximize your processes and profitability

High tech companies are in the business of innovation. Just like all manufacturers, you place a premium on design and process efficiency especially as you face new challenges from emerging trends like exponential technologies, supply chain disruption, data as a strategic asset and predictive analytics.

How can you optimize programs and drive profitability while realizing improved margins and revenue? We can help.

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