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Revenue Growth Management: Controlling what’s Controllable

Unravel complexity with automated processes and digitalization

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Explore, absorb and discover more about key trends impacting your business: Cost Volatility & Margin Wholeness, Complex Markets and a Shallow Labor Pool. Historically there was minimal focus on margins because there was less volatility. Today, you need to reprioritize margins and focus on reaching profitability goals by controlling pricing and margin thresholds.

It’s time to stop trying to control what is uncontrollable and focus on what you can control by untangling complexity with the automation of financial and sales processes to drive RGM, maintaining or increasing your margins by 3-5%. Visibility, stop-gaps and controls in real-time are the key to increasing profitability at the point of contract-negotiated price and execution to maintain and grow your profits.

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Unlock real change by truly understanding the impact of these 3 trends on the total cost of doing business in Consumer Products Foodservice.

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For most CP Foodservice companies like yours, the total cost of doing business while navigating industry disruptions, economic changes, consumer dining behavior and distributor-operator relationships, all contribute to your increased need to see, control and leverage data across your organization. Automation and digitalization of key business processes, that are in your control, are the focus of this journey to help you deliver your revenue growth management targets.

Now, your team can finally get control with the insights you need to meet your margin targets and achieve profitability – we’ll help you make sure it all adds up.

Contract Price Management

Manage all aspects of contract pricing including commodity costs, finished goods, price setting and catalogs

Co-Op & MDF

Simplify MDF or co-op program management with automatic claims creation, payment scheduling, and reconciliation of funds claimed

Claim Management

Automate calculation, validation and payment of distributor rebates and earned income claims

Customer Rebates

View customer rebate performance; track and reward growth; easily view and approve, and automate posting

Deviated Pricing

Manage deviate pricing contracts from creation, calculation, validation to settlement


Upload, validate and maintain GPO and buying group membership and define eligible fees


Evaluate, respond and execute school specific pricing bids

Broker Fees

Visibility to broker activity, upload and maintain broker contracts and eligible fees

Operator Programs

Capture complex operator rebate details with ease and view all relevant rebate parameters and calculations in real-time

Cost & Spend Analysis

Analyze customer, product, distributor and operator programs to understand trends and increase profitability

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Stop margin erosion

Cost Volatility & Margin Wholeness, Complex Markets and a Shallow Labor Pool trends are significantly impacting your business on a daily basis. Reprioritize your margins, gain insight and visibility, and learn to control what’s controllable with automated financial and sales processes to drive RGM.

How can you control pricing and margin thresholds? How can you increase profitability? We can help.

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