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Service your distributors, redistributors and buying groups by maximizing trade promotion, managing varied rebate programs and offering intelligent pricing for countless products and SKUs.

As a foodservice manufacturer, you want more time to address innovation, quality, consumer trends, labeling and packaging. When it comes to TPM, we understand that pricing and rebate programs involve countless products, SKUs and customers. The ability to intelligently manage complex and varied rebate programs with distributors, redistributors and buying groups can be daunting. Servicing restaurants, convenience stores and institutions like hospitals, universities and hotel chains requires bids, contracts and validated claims. We can help you intuitively manage all of this. Vistex solutions are purpose-built on best practices for your selling channel which result in strategic and effective management of revenue.

Now, foodservice manufacturers like you can finally get control of pricing, rebate programs, chargebacks and billbacks–so they all add up to a return on investment.

Price Management

Manage all aspects of pricing including commodity costs, finished goods, price setting, and catalogs

Claim Management

Automate calculation, validation, and payment of distributor rebates and earned income claims

Deviated Pricing

Manage deviate pricing contracts from creation, calculation, validation to settlement


Evaluate, respond and execute school specific pricing bids

Operator Programs

Capture complex operator rebate details with ease and view all relevant rebate parameters and calculations in real-time

MDF & Co-Op

Simplify MDF or co-op program management with automatic claims creation, payment scheduling, and reconciliation of funds claimed

Customer Rebates

View customer rebate performance; track and reward growth; easily view and approve, and automate posting


Upload, validate and maintain GPO and buying group membership and define eligible fees

Broker Fees

Visibility to Broker activity, upload, and maintain Broker Contracts and eligible fees

Trade Spend Analysis

Analyze customer, product, distributor and operator programs to understand trends and increase profitability

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