The chemical industry faces globalization challenges that create complexities resulting in increasing amounts of product being sold through distribution and channel partners. Price fluctuations in raw material costs are difficult to manage while concurrently keeping your products profitable. As a result, automating and efficiently managing Go-to-Market programs for processes like claims, rebates, incentives and pricing, are vital to the success of businesses in the Chemical Industry. Solutions from Vistex target the unique challenges you face to ensure that your Go-to-Market programs operate at their full potential and meet your business objectives.

Chemical Price Management

Price Management

Full suite of price maintenance, analytics and optimization capabilities

Chemical Pricing Agreements

Pricing Agreements

Ensure SPAs are favorable and gain visibility into true profitability with contract analytics and automated claim validations

Chemical Price Protection

Price Protection

Systematically administer programs and automatically validate partner claims against channel inventory

Chemical Channel Programs

Channel Programs

Manage all aspects of planning, contracting, data ingestion, and claim validation

Chemical Marketing Funds

Marketing Funds

Incent partners to drive brand recognition by effectively allocating monies, track usage, and validate claims

Chemical Customer Rebates

Customer Rebates

Calculate, track, manage, and analyze rebates that drive revenue and reward behavior

Chemical Distributor Rebates

Distributor Rebates

Ensure distribution levels with targeted rebates. Track in real time and automate payment calculations

Chemical Channel Inventory

Channel Inventory

Monitor inventory moving through channel partners to accurately validate and pay claims

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