Your Go-to-Market challenges in the automotive industry are many – from dealer management and fleet incentives to special pricing and warranty claims; there is no shortage of programs that help drive revenue. But all these programs need to be tracked and measured based on performance. What you require is a robust and comprehensive solution to support the complexities of these Go-to-Market processes. Vistex provides solutions that equip you to efficiently manage dealer incentives, purchase rebates, promotions and claims, special pricing, co-op and MDF and channel inventory tracking, creating a comprehensive solution that offers end-to-end visibility into revenue and gross-to-net profit.

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Performance / Dealer Incentives

Motivate your dealers and their sales force while gaining enterprise-wide visibility into commission goals, achievement and payouts. Performance Incentives by Vistex is a powerful solution that manages all dealer incentive and commission plans that drive behavior, such as dealer and customer cash programs. Gain robust sales compensation plan management capabilities for quota-setting, forecasting and incentive management. Compensate the value generated - not just the gross sales revenue - and motivate employees to achieve the true goal: growth and profitability.

Loyalty & Rewards

Customer and partner loyalty is a hard-earned process, and Loyalty & Rewards by Vistex makes it easy to maintain engagement via sustainable, profitable loyalty strategies that drive business performance. Empower your sales personnel and partners to motivate behavior and increase sales with a points-based loyalty portal. Our global rewards catalog engages participants with 300,000+ lifestyle rewards and incentives from suppliers around the world – delivered locally for seamless ordering, fulfillment and customer service.


Millions of dollars are lost annually through inaccurate processing of promotions, special pricing, and warranty claims, prolonged days claims outstanding (DCO), and missing support documentation. Now its possible to model, report and analyze claims while reducing processing costs, errors, disputes and delays--with Billbacks by Vistex manufacturers can administer the entire claims lifecycle from program creation, accrual and claim submission/receipt, to adjudication and settlement with the dealer. This end-to-end solution automates processes and helps you manage promotions, fleet incentives, and retail promotions (including dealer cash, new car buyer, partner, and 'friends and family' programs) to meet your business objectives.

Channel Inventory Tracking

Give your company insight into on-hand inventory with dealers and partners, and inventory claimed for end customers. Now you can have visibility to channel partner's direct sales, as well as inventory sold to, and through, channel partners. Channel Inventory Tracking by Vistex validates partner claims and calculates rebates, incentives and price protection. Order value and quantities are tracked for product valuation using standard inventory costing methods (LIFO/ FIFO). Improve your supply chain management with end-to-end insight from manufacturer to channel partner and end customer, sales channel tracking, and integrated serial number tracking.

Co-op & MDF

Unmanaged Market Development Funds (MDF) and Co-Op Funds can lead to lost revenue and increased costs within indirect marketing channels. MDF & Co-Op by Vistex delivers an efficient, highly automated approach to managing every aspect of MDF and Co-Op programs, including planning, budgeting, enrolling, allocating monies, tracking utilization/spend, submitting for approval, validating and settling claims/rebates.


As the complexity of sales, purchasing, volume and growth rebate programs grow, so does the need for improved program management. With Rebates by Vistex you can model, administer, report, and analyze highly complex rebate programs, including dealer incentives, purchase rebates, customer incentives, dealer and customer cash incentives, vehicle programs and other multi-dimensional scenarios. You can support global programs by providing multiple languages and currencies, and conducting live simulations of system data to predict outcomes. Now you can analyze your rebate programs to ensure that they are profitable and meeting business objectives.

Rights and Royalties

Failure to efficiently manage royalties can lead to erroneous payments, broken trust with your partners and negatively impact your bottom line. Rights & Royalties by Vistex manages inbound and outbound royalty programs, and tracks usage of intellectual property between licensors, licensees and agents. Now you can manage content and assets; exploit and identify opportunities; and track royalties related to products, technology, endorsements, media rights or joint developments. Your company can automate the recognition, accrual, calculation, analysis and settlement of rights and royalty programs from start to finish.

Contract Management

It can be difficult for your organization to thrive without the ability to move the right products at the right prices under the right terms and conditions. Contract Management by Vistex is a fully integrated solution that gives you visibility into all contract changes and organizes supporting documentation for a full audit trail. You can access contract commitments and obligations, with visibility into true gross-to-net profitability. Its easier than ever to manage any type of contract program, such as special pricing, bids, contract price, percent- or dollar-based, tiered, or growth.

Bids & Quotes

Nothing hurts profit margins like incorrect bids and quotes of your products or services.  It is imperative to have visibility into the complex pricing scenarios offered to customers and channel partners. Vistex makes bid-and-quote processes easier with the ability to import products and automatically determine pricing through user-defined formulas, so you can be confident that the correct price is offered. Bids & Quotes by Vistex provides extraordinary insight into proposed pricing and margin to determine true gross-to-net.

Price Management

Don't let misaligned pricing affect your bottom line. Price Management by Vistex allows you to quickly load customer price information, while enabling you to automatically calculate and validate prices against business rules. Gain insights into the program success through analysis of true gross-to-net profitability. Achieve end-to-end management of price administration and analysis to price your products confidently, rapidly notify customers of price changes, and ensure the most return on your pricing programs.

Deals & Offers

Complex special pricing scenarios that include a mix of products, with multiple categories and quantity requirements, can be difficult to administer. If you utilize manual administration processes, they can inevitably lead to errors. Deals & Offers by Vistex automatically determines deal eligibility and qualification, and highlights applicable deals at the time of order entry based on business rules. Manage your deals and offers with clearly defined program terms.

My Role

Vistex gives you consistent source of ‘truth’ and access to all price contract changes and downstream activities. Empower your sales team with insights into incentive, rebate, and claim programs to drive business objectives and provide visibility into next tier achievements. Report on data that is critical to you and analyze which programs are contributing to your bottom line.

Your finance team manages Go-to-Market programs for special pricing agreements, rebates, marketing funds, channel programs, and more. Vistex enables automatic calculation of incentives, rebates, and claims, while systematically validating against active contracts for any type of program. Provide a single point of entry for customer programs to reduce manual errors, build a comprehensive audit trail, and gain visibility into true gross-to-net profitability and program efficiency.

Now more than ever, business systems must support their organization with clean, relevant data. A single data source reduces business risk by improving data accuracy and empowering users to quickly react to changing contracts and market conditions. Reduce manual errors and automate claim, rebate, incentive, and contract management processes to organize supporting data and provide validation with a comprehensive, accurate audit trail.