Creating effective incentive programs helps businesses keep key frontline employees and partners focused on results that can boost bottom line profitability and align business activities with strategic objectives. Whether you are managing programs to incentivize performance, encouraging partner loyalty and rewards, or facilitating patronage payments, Vistex offers a solution to help you simplify your incentive program management. This solution improves salesforce productivity and increases satisfaction, trust, and loyalty among customers, trading partners, and employees.

Aligning incentive programs to business goals is critical to ensuring success. Vistex offers robust sales compensation plan management capabilities for territory, quota-setting, forecasting, and incentives management. You can compensate employees on the value they generate – not just on gross sales revenue – and motivate them to achieve goals for growth and profitability.

When you want to ensure accurate patronage payments to members and maintain, track, and report on member patronage accounts, the Vistex solution will simplify and facilitate those requirements. Vistex works with your financial system of record to determine patronage-eligible profits, then calculates the patronage rates by category or commodity for each business unit.

Additionally, with Vistex you are empowered to create points-based loyalty programs that help you engage directly with your sales staff and channel partners to encourage appropriate behavior and boost sales.

Performance Incentives

Sales Compensation

Manage commission and sales incentive programs more effectively and drive desired behavior.


Leverage a centralized process to efficiently maintain, track and report on member programs.

Loyalty & Rewards

Increase mindshare – and sales – by cultivating the loyalty of your best customers.