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Sales Performance Management Key Components

What’s wrong with sales compensation and incentives management today?

Incentive plans are not aligned with business goals. Quotas are oversimplified and internal systems cannot keep up with the increasing complexity of programs.

Failure to manage sales plans, quotas and territories can result in unproductive or misaligned incentive programs that are not only demotivating for sales teams, but also have a direct and adverse effect on your bottom line.

Sales Commissions

Sales Commissions

Vistex solutions offer robust sales commission plan management capabilities using key performance indicators such as revenue or margin for benchmarking. Stand-alone solutions simply cannot evaluate margins or profits. When you set quotas and compensate employees on the value they generate—not just gross sales revenue—you motivate employees to achieve the true goal: increased profits.

Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation

Commissions, kickers, brokerage fees, advances and management bonuses represent a complex world of performance incentives. Vistex solutions are integrated into ERP business processes so that compensation can be accurately calculated, accrued, credited, netted and settled at the appropriate point in the sales cycle.

Sales Performance Management Case Study

Grainger boosts management of complex nationwide sales compensation plans

Vistex solution consolidates systems, slashes administration support needs. Now it all adds up for Grainger.

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Platform Options

SAP Solution Extensions

For SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Industry Cloud

As part of the enterprise management system, Vistex solutions run inside or alongside SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA offering an integrated system for easier management of complex incentive plans, providing a holistic view of all your programs.

Cloud Solutions for any ERP

The power of Vistex available on the platform of your choice

Vistex offers a full suite of cloud-based products that integrate with any enterprise platform, providing centralized sales performance management and selective publication to an ERP system, and unprecedented visibility into all programs and performance.