Leadership Team

Meet the Vistex Leadership Team

  •  Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect

    Sanjay Shah

    Sanjay Shah is the Founder of Vistex and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect. Sanjay brings a high level of passion, energy and skills to address complex business processes for global organizations. Sanjay has been instrumental in creating an entirely new category of business software called “Go-to-Market” programs and has charted a visionary path for Vistex that transcends the “business as usual” mindset. With relentless focus and unbridled vitality, he executes on the vision like only he can.

  • Amos Biegun

    Amos Biegun

    Amos Biegun is Global Head of Rights and Royalties, and a 25-year veteran of the rights and royalties business. His objective is to ensure that the Vistex expansion into this area remains unrivalled and that growth is unparalleled. Amos intends to leverage both the global reach of Vistex and incredible reputation to ensure that Vistex solutions and services remain the industry standard worldwide.

  • Cara DeGraff

    Cara DeGraff

    Cara DeGraff is Vice President of Product Management and leads a global team that manages all aspects of product management and product education. As a Vistex employee since 2007, Cara relishes in the challenge of solving companies’ problems and optimizing their processes through Vistex solutions. Keeping the product current with the latest technologies and business requirements and making sure that everyone – internal or external to Vistex – knows the ins and outs of their solution are what brings her to work with a smile each day.

  • Chirag Shah

    Chirag Shah

    Chirag is the Managing Director of Vistex Asia-Pacific. He has been responsible for APAC operations since its inception in 2004. With a passion for sales and marketing and an entrepreneurial spirit, Chirag applies his broad knowledge and experience to any industry, product and services challenge. Amongst Chirag’s notable achievements with Vistex is his unique ability to forge strong business relationships and customer loyalty, spearhead key business development strategies and achieve exceptional client satisfaction levels.

  • Chris Cutro

    Chris Cutro

    Having been with Vistex since 2007 and a 20-year veteran of the software industry, Christopher Cutro knows that the success of your customers is what really drives your business. In his current role as Vice President of Marketing and Customer Success, Chris oversees Vistex Global Marketing and Customer Relations. With the desire to reach new prospects and markets that benefit from Vistex solutions, he is motivated by driving market leadership, building brand awareness, and enhancing clear communication.

  • Ellen Bunton

    Ellen Bunton

    Ellen is the Vice President of Assurance and Support and joined the Vistex team in 2004. Ellen’s drive at Vistex revolves around the goals of her team – ensuring a positive user experience and satisfaction in all customer interactions. Whether transitioning through an upgrade or working through a technical product support issue, she and her team assist our customers until desired results are successfully achieved.

  • Lori Lea

    Lori Lea

    As the Vice President of Finance and Human Resources, Lori has global responsibilities for financial reporting and strategic resource planning. Lori has been with Vistex since 2007 and has over 20 years of experience in Finance and HR. Improving company-wide processes and providing opportunities for professional development are just two ways that Lori fulfills her passion to encourage Vistex associates to excel and achieve success. Lori’s vision for the company is to provide complete transparency into global policies and regional compliances to help global leaders make informed business decisions.

  • Mark Baggio

    Mark Baggio

    As Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Mark is the chief legal advisor to Vistex, Inc. and its corporate leadership team. Mark joined Vistex in mid-2014 and oversees Vistex, Inc.’s legal, corporate development and brand protection matters. He envisions creating a fully equipped team to provide highly responsive, quality legal advice and representation on all projects. Mark’s primary goal for the legal department is to be a valued and trusted partner, recognized for creativity, expertise and commitment to strategic objectives.

  • Raju Datla

    Raju Datla

    Raju serves as the President, Solution Delivery and oversees Vistex implementations globally. Raju has been with Vistex since 2000 and brings an extraordinary amount of focus, energy and discipline to ensure that Vistex customers get the most value out of their technology investment. He has been instrumental in shaping and growing the Vistex Solution Delivery capabilities. As Vistex expands the breadth and depth of its portfolio, Raju continues to provide leadership and sagacity to help businesses achieve the full potential of their Go-to-Market programs.

  • Srikanth Pinnamaneni

    Srikanth Pinnamaneni

    Srikanth is Vistex’s Vice President of Product Development and is responsible for the company’s overall technical direction and forward-looking development efforts. Having been part of Vistex since its inception, Srikanth has worked as a Developer, Solution Architect and Principal Architect. He currently oversees the development of Vistex’s Go-to-Market solutions and leads an organization of amazing developers. The dedication and commitment his team displays in developing and enhancing Vistex Go-to-Market solutions is a constant source of pride.

  • Tushar Shah

    Tushar Shah

    Tushar is the Vice President of Sales and is responsible for sales across all Vistex business units within the Americas. Tushar brings 20+ years of experience in the enterprise software space including roles in software sales and business solution consulting. Tushar uses a combination of creativity, humor, and experience to help his team achieve their goals and continually grow the Vistex customer base.

  • Udo Hannemann

    Udo Hannemann

    Udo is the General Manager of Vistex EMEA, with more than 25 years of experience. Since Udo joined the Vistex team in 2010, his main passion has been to build a high performance team in a multi-cultural environment with employees from more than 25 countries. Udo works daily to bring together all team members under the umbrella of a growth and revenue oriented organization. Udo is a strong advocate for creating a place of trust and sustainability, where Vistex employees are helping customers to run the best commercial platform within their industry.