Now it all adds up for Faurecia Clarion Electronics

Automotive Parts and Technology Leader Puts Royalty Management on Auto Pilot

100 million vehicles equipped worldwide | 8 production sites | 12 tech centers | 7,100 employees | 1,600 engineers | 8 production sites | 12 tech centers | 1 billion Euros in 2020

When Faurecia merged with Clarion in Japan, Faurecia Clarion Electronics (FCE) faced a new challenge—inbound royalties. Their AS 400 operating system, which calculated their licensing fees (royalties), was being decommissioned and replaced with the SAP ERP System. FCE needed a solution that could manage their volume of 450 contracts and 2,000+ products. To that end, they sought a unique software solution partner who wouldn’t duplicate their master data, could integrate within their native environment, and could calculate their royalties on a monthly and quarterly basis.

"Vistex brought more transparency...before, the solution could only be managed by our IT department and was not user friendly due to hard-coded development. Now, with Vistex Solutions for SAP, users from our intellectual property business can autonomously use the royalty calculation tool."

Jean-Sebastien Sauer - IT Project Manager at Faurecia Clarion Electronics

Vistex implemented Solutions for SAP without Fiori to resolve FCE’s outstanding pain points, enabling them to calculate their royalties more efficiently. Since Vistex is native to the SAP ERP landscape, FCE had no concerns about their master data becoming duplicated, nor concerns about the ease of integration.

The Vistex solution, integrated with the new SAP ERP System, provides FCE with automated accuracy, granting them unprecedented accountability, transparency, and simplified royalty administration.