Kern Pharma Eliminates Sales and Promotion Headaches

Now it all adds up for Kern Pharma

Vistex Solutions for SAP helps Kern Pharma see the numbers by increasing efficiencies through greater promotion management transparency and control

Kern Pharma is a privately held pharmaceutical company that belongs to the Indukern Group and has its own commercial activities in the ethical and hospital field, with both generic and branded products. In the last few years, Kern Pharma has experienced a significant growth by adding new product lines into the portfolio with different commercial needs. This new requirement, in combination with a changing environment, drove the need to seek different solutions to be more flexible managing promotions and discounts and adapting the IT systems to their customer demands. The objective was to incentivize customers based on customer and product segmentation and increase the promotional benefit derived from sales commitment achievements. In addition, there was a change in the legislation that was capping discounts, so it was the perfect time to look for a new solution that allowed them to be more flexible in their promotion and incentive management and adapt to new market needs aligned with Kern Pharma growth strategies.

"Vistex Solutions for SAP have helped us to reduce time to market and gain full visibility into our sales and promotion processes. We are now able to adapt to new business requirements quickly and to flexibly change company rules accordingly. We’ve gained a trusted partner through this project"

Alberto Almajano - Director Sistemas de Información / CIO

Kern Pharma considered developing a solution in-house, but the company eliminated that option when it saw the capabilities offered by Vistex Solutions for SAP. Kern Pharma turned to Vistex for seamless integration with the company’s current system landscape and cover all requirements to improve their sales promotions to pharmacies. The IT department’s workload has now been greatly reduced, as the Vistex solutions provide business users with greater autonomy.

With Vistex Solutions for SAP, Kern Pharma is able to adapt its promotion programs. The company can now define more complex campaigns and promotions and detect the most beneficial campaign for the customer by product line through increased transparency and visibility into their programs. Business users have gained autonomy in the commercial area, and are now able to define a commercial strategy according to company objectives. With the simplification and automation of internal procedures, they eliminated the headaches and sources of error. Vistex solutions allow Kern Pharma to see the numbers and calculate real margins by material, giving full insight into profitability at the material level.

Kern Pharma is able to automatically manage complex promotions linked to committed values. This leads to better promotion programs, faster time to market, and a higher degree of competitiveness.