SAP, Derga, and Vistex unite to bring Gancia world-class solutions

See how Gancia manages their promotions, off-invoice discounts, contracts and sales campaigns with Vistex, fully integrated into SAP management components.

Trade Programs - Go-to-Market Suite

Model, administer and analyze your programs with tools that allow you to recognize their true value and maximize performance.

Vendor Programs - Go-to-Market Suite

Stop leaving money on the table and recognize and collect more revenue.

Solutions for Consumer Products - Retail

Improve insights into your trade spend programs, and optimize spend allocation and performance.

Solutions for Consumer Products - Foodservice

Maximize the impact of your trade programs to drive demand and reward direct and indirect channel partners.

Learn the many benefits that Graybar experienced implementing Vistex

"We have an audit trail now…We have full disclosure for our sales reps, with data available at the transactional level."

Solutions for High Tech Channel Sales

Take control of channel programs and maximize revenue with one platform to manage all your channel incentive programs.

Weyerhaeuser improves operational effectiveness with pricing

Watch now to learn how Weyerhaeuser maximizes their operational efficiency with a single source of pricing data.

Topco sets the bar with price maintenance – it's efficiency at its best!

See how Topco maintains over 50 million pricing conditions with Vistex.

Sony improves accuracy while replacing manual processes with Vistex

Learn how Sony quickly implemented Vistex to improve the accuracy of their complex pricing structure.

Cheney Brothers utilizes Vistex to maximize ROI

See how Cheney Brothers used chargebacks and purchasing rebates to collect all revenue due to them.

SAP Agribusiness Solution

Streamline farm and grower management by marrying analytics with the day-to-day needs of field operations.

cpRights for TV Distributors

Powerful cloud solution for managing content rights acquisitions and sales.

cpOnline for Film Distributors

Flexible, real-time cloud solutions for managing rights and theatrical releases.

Vistex Price Management

Vistex Price Administration is an end-to-end solution that covers deal management, price execution and analytics.

Vistex Performance Incentives

Software to motivate your sales force, measure program performance and manage sales activities more effectively.

Lexmark Deploys a Single, Global Platform for Rebates

"What Vistex allowed us to do […is…] have better validations, better controls and better reporting... one single global system [with] automated controls around our validation...we now have worldwide visibility over all of our agreements across types."

Putting Royalty Programs in Action at Adobe

"Being able to use real time data, we're able to focus on more value add activities within our company, rather than your upfront manual process fees." - Adobe

Managing Chargebacks, Rebates and Commissions at BSN Medical

Learn how BSN Medical, a global manufacturer of medical devices uses SAP Incentives and Paybacks Solutions by Vistex to improve and speed up their calculations into SAP ERP.

Quantifying and Managing Rebate Programs at Welch Allyn

"At any given point in time our financial leaders can actually go in now and see why pricing is the way it is and where our marginal leakage is... our error rates are actually around 1%, which is very small for the industry."

Managing Agreements with Reliable, Consistent Data at Sysco

"SAP Vistex enables us to handle our very robust agreements. The food world is very complex and Vistex can handle that."

Summit Electric Automates Rebate Processes

"We have already seen the benefit from the implementation of Vistex. It returned its ROI in a very short period of time [and] provided substantial bottom line profit."

Schwan Foods Increases Revenue and Margins

"SAP Vistex Paybacks and Chargebacks allows us to look at a product line across the different segments inside of foodservice which we weren't able to do before."

Giving Visibility into Trade Spend Programs at Mrs. T's Pierogies

"In year one we saw a 75% reduction in our aged receivables, we increased our gross profit by 3% over the operating plan...we attribute a lot of that to Vistex."

McKesson Increases Control and Visibility over Master Data

"We looked at flexibility of the solution and SAP data maintenance for ERP by Vistex gave us that."

Media Maestro

Discover the four key broadcast business requirements with Media Maestro. Includes actual business cases.

License Maestro

A solution for all your contracts. Get 360° control of your licensing business with License Maestro. Includes actual business cases.

Music Maestro

Music Maestro is the leading solution for managing song catalogs; from registering copyrights, licensing catalogs, processing royalties, paying clients and building global networks.


Built to handle high volume royalty transactions, differing copyright laws, society requirements and licensing laws.

Record Maestro

Record Maestro is the market leading solution for the administration of master recording data, rule setting and calculation of royalty obligations.

Drive Revenue with Vendor Cost Recovery Program Management

Watch our short video and see how you can manage these crucial programs with more efficiency and effectiveness using SAP® Solutions by Vistex.

Vistex Customer Testimonial Video

See how Vistex can empower you to become extraordinary.