Front office meets back office

VIBES is a cloud-based enterprise platform designed to bring you, your customers and partners together. It marries all the virtues of singular applications into one online, front-office environment and connects for all involved to better manage and administer all aspects of go-to-market programs.

From viewing incentive earnings, managing supplier contracts, or checking the status of rebate payments – through to managing program enrollments, posting statements, analyzing earnings reports, and discussing claim issues – VIBES makes it easy to connect and to collaborate.

Available on any device and accessible anytime and anywhere, VIBES offers you unprecedented insights in to your vital go-to-market programs allowing you to connect with multiple stakeholders both inside and outside your organization.

VIBES Homepage

Instant connectivity with Solutions for SAP and Go-to-Market Suite®

VIBES is your digital front office that integrates seamlessly with the powerful suite of Vistex applications, both Solutions for SAP and the Go-to-Market Suite®. It’s completely customizable, designed with widgets that can be tailored for specific groups, and specific projects, so you can connect with the right people all of the time on any project.

VIBES Portal

Front Office

View project statements, status updates and reports from all your channel activities

VIBES Collaboration


Create working groups to streamline information among collaborators via computers, laptops, tables or smartphones

VIBES Content


Share relevant program information and engage partners in real-time negotiation of contracts

VIBES Social


Provide your collaborators a digital forum to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the latest project information

Key Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with the Vistex Solutions for SAP and Go-to-Market Suite®
  • Acts as a central repository of marketing and campaign project information
  • Facilitates management of multiple programs with multiple participants, both internal and external
  • Provides a secure place to exchange statements, contracts, updates, ideas and best practices
  • Enables access to the latest communication, documentation and program status
VIBES Program Snapshot
VIBES Programs


  • Fosters partner relations and productivity
  • Improves partner engagement
  • Increases partner satisfaction
  • Reduces administrative cost
  • Improves ROI through increased partner participation