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SAP Extended Price Management

Price Management, Reimagined

We’re Extending SAP Capabilities Across Vistex-Enabled Processes

Do you need to simplify your price management process? With organizations utilizing SAP software, Vistex has a proven solution that leverages your investment. This robust, cloud-based solution was designed to simplify life for your sales and management teams by providing accurate product pricing, price negotiation thresholds, and supporting analytics tow in deals and protect margins. You’ll gain the critical ability to manage pricing strategies from list to discount. This solution identifies the best complex deals and on-order promotions your users can easily manage, track, and analyze, all derived from your analytics.

If government pricing and regulatory compliance are concerns, this software accurately satisfies all mandates, pricing, and reporting requirements. The system optimizes profitability and safeguards margins by modeling intelligent pricing strategies that have a positive impact on your bottom line. Your customer also gains, with fair pricing on their configurable product, tailored to their needs. Equitable transactions like these serve to cultivate higher customer satisfaction, lasting business relationships, and future sales.

Price Administration

Maintain and improve pricing more efficiently and intelligently.

Deal Management

Gain visibility into complex promotions and programs with variable qualifications at the time of sale.

Price Execution

Determine the correct price for purchasable products more simply and easily.

Price Analytics

Establish true margin and gross-to-net information by evaluating pricing, incentives, and revenue-sharing programs.

About the SAP Suite of Cloud Applications

This cloud-based innovation by Vistex addresses complex processes, specifically price, vendor, channel, and rights and royalty management. As a complete solution, Vistex implements, administers, and provides advisory services so you can realize the full benefit from the programs they run. The SAP Cloud Platform enables Vistex customers to leverage on-premise functionality into a native cloud environment.

SAP PartnerSAP Solution Extension

SAP Industry Cloud – Extended Price Management

Brochure: SAP Industry Cloud – Extended Price Management

Download the brochure, SAP Industry Cloud – Extended Price Management to see how enterprises gain visibility into the complex pricing and incentives that can be offered to customers, distributors, and channel partners. See how you can effectively manage pricing challenges with greater ease and reliability on SAP Industry Cloud. Visit SAP to learn more.